Ryback = destined to fail, again

Hey Scott,
Not to sound overly pessimistic, but isn't it unwise to do the EXACT SAME THING with Ryback that failed so spectacularly last year? They've literally had him come out and squash a few people and then thrown him right into an angle with John Cena – basically a condensed version of what happened last time, which only served to expose Ryback's limitations in singles matches that go over 5 minutes. Literally nothing has changed about Ryback since then, but they seem to be going for it again anyway. I get that Vince has a hard-on for him because he has an impressive appetite or whatever, but is there any way the Ryback experiment works this time or is it doomed to fail like it did the first time?

​I find it hilarious that the people who literally own all of wrestling history now and make documentaries about all the stupid stuff that their dead competition did now continuously repeat the same mistakes themselves.  And yes, Ryback is doomed to fail again, but they have no other alternatives for top guys (in their mind) and so they trot out the same muscle-heads hoping that this time lightning strikes.  And they'll get him to the top and then decide to randomly beat him when they book themselves into a corner one time, and the self-fulfilling prophecy will repeat.  It's kind of their thing now.  ​