Undertaker-Sting at SummerSlam


What do you think is the most likely scenario for the Undertaker and Sting at SummerSlam? Both are apparently going to be wrestling at the show. I’m thinking Undertaker and Sting will be in a tag match, say, against Rollins and Triple H. That’s probably the smartest thing to do if both are actually working the show. Of course, I can be way off base and, as you said in an earlier post, Undertaker will suddenly want revenge on Brock and Sting will go after…Bo Dallas? Anyway, would like your thoughts on how you think both men will be used. Thanks!

​Given the ratings disaster and desperation involved, I think Vince is just gonna swing for the fences and go with Undertaker v. Brock and Sting v. Rollins. Or maybe Undertaker & Kane v. Brock & Cena, I dunno. I just don’t see them building to Undertaker v. Sting, though.

Sting and Undertaker at Summerslam

Surprised that there hasn’t been more of the newsbite dropped on the Observer radio this morning that Undertaker and Sting will be working Summerslam. Low ratings mean that Vince does desperate things, and this isn’t exactly the direction I’d go. Like what, suddenly Undertaker is going to be 30 again and working every week on RAW to fix the problems? A year and a half later and suddenly NOW he decides that he wants revenge on Brock?

However, the NXT show in Brooklyn is apparently close to selling out, so good on them.