Wrestlemania 11 is the worst by default

In discussions of the worst Mania ever, no one mentions WM 11, and I think that fact proves my point that it's the worst Mania ever: people don't even remember it took place!  There's only 7 matches booked.  Bulldog and Luger open vs. the Harris Twins in a dud match.  Taker/Bundy where Taker wins with a clothesline(!).  A DQ ending to the IC title match, Owen and Bret's year long feud is thrown away in favor of a squash tag title match and a horribly boring and pointless I Quit match.  Then Shawn upstages Diesel in a totally overrated match and the main event is almost Benoit-level unwatchable now featuring a wrestler dead by suicide and a convicted sex offender "celebrity".  Maybe because it took place in 95 when wrestling was in it's down-est year or because KOTR 95 is remembered as the suckiest show that year, but this was a boring and awful show that doesn't even have the car wreck feel of a 9 or 15.  Where does 11 stand for you?   You have any fond memories of this show?

​I definitely should have included it in the list and it was an EGREGIOUS error on my part not to do so.  However, the Shawn-Diesel match was pretty boss so I just can't call it the worst.  It's ONE of the worst, and Diesel might have been one of the coldest babyfaces ever to headline, but there was nothing I'd call offensively bad.  It was basically just another monthly PPV show that year, and a totally unmemorable one at that.  I still think 27 was worse for putting the abortion that was Miz v. Cena on PPV, as well as whatever the fuck Michael Cole v. Jerry Lawler was supposed to be.  Shame on Steve Austin for not telling them to go fuck themselves when they came up with that finish.  ​