Swerve of the Decade

More shocking than Taker's streak ending, we popped sooooooooo hard for this swerve. Like, that real legitimate shock that has you jumping up and down, hugging the guy next you and waking up the neighbors 2 blocks away as you scream in amazement at 5 something in the morning. I'd have bet on Styles taking the title just cuz you could tell the Meltz knew something, but that Yujiro swerve was mindblowing. Can NOT remember the last time I had that much fun watching a wrestling angle unfold. 

​Haven't seen the show yet, but I'll probably check out the main event tonight. You had to figure that bringing in AJ and putting him on top right away like that would result in him getting the belt, though.  Can't really comment on the swerve because I'm pretty clueless on the storyline end of New Japan.  I just don't see AJ carrying the business there for long.  ​