Dean Ambrose IS Daniel Bryan

So at HIAC 2013, Bryan main events, gets screwed and is thrown into an out of nowhere feud with Bray Wyatt for 3 months while Cena vs. Authority (Orton) dominated the main events until a surprising big man (Batista) returns to win Rumble and the crowd totally shit on it.
Fast forward a year, plucky Indy darling Dean is the obvious crowd favorite, main events HIAC, and instantly gets tossed down the card into meaningless feud with… Bray Wyatt while the main event storyline is Cena vs Authority and a surprising big man returns (Reigns) to win Rumble.
They're gonna run into the same damn problems as last year.   Do you see any way Dean pulls a Bryan or was that such a natural organic thing?  It just seems that Reigns is being forced on the fans and that usually gets a backlash.

​Well, Reigns does sell merch and people seem to like him so it's not likely going to be a case like with Batista.  Batista was transparently someone coming back for the part-time payday to promote his movie and fans were clearly resentful of that.  The issue with Reigns is that WWE just isn't very good at spotting who the top talent is going to be, especially at that stage in their career. They got Cena right (after nearly cutting him in 2002) but it took 3 years for him to get the big belt, and rightly so.  But for example, back in 2004 they decided that Randy Orton was gonna be their next big star and that went horribly wrong.  And now there's no competition for them to raid, so anyone who they don't deem to be a top prospect is just leaving the business rather than going somewhere else to develop into a star.  ​
So I'd say that Reigns COULD be a big star, but their track record doesn't say so and it's way early anyway.  

Eddie Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko – WCW Saturday Night 10/7/95

WCW Saturday Night was, for years, the flagship show for WCW. Then Nitro came along. The Saturday night show continued to be relevant for time after Nitro’s debut, but eventually became a showcase for the Power Plant talent and the luchadores. Here is an excellent match between Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko that many of us may not remember seeing.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko by Stinger1981

Dean Ambrose

Question – do you think we may have a repeat of last years Daniel Bryan/crowd hijacking situation with Dean Ambrose???

I can certainly see that happening.  The office wants Reigns but the crowd wants Ambrose to be "the guy"

What do you think?

Also – what do you think they'll do with Daniel Bryan when he returns?  Will he be as hot as he was when he left?

​I think we should wait for Ambrose to actually win a major match on TV or PPV before we start getting ahead of ourselves with the Daniel Bryan comparisons.  ​

The Evolution of Dean

This is a 20 minute clip which is basically the evolution of Ambrose in promos…from the indy indys to FCW.  It's surreal emotionally…I'm disturbed watching it but I can't turn away.  Him talking about his mom as a crack whore (while pointing to the corner)…wow.  

This is why I've hitched my train to the Ambrose rocket, because he's gonna be a breakout star and you might as well get on board with it.