David Crockett Memorial Tag Tournament FINALS

And now after our gruelling 128 team tournament has run its course (and oh how the world has changed since we started all those…uh…days ago!  Remember when RAW was terrible and Cena was booked like superman constantly?   Good times.), we are down to the final two.  Both close votes in the semifinals, but after tomorrow only one team will get to hoist the prestigious trophy (which the runner-up will promptly destroy).  Will it be the Hart Foundation, previous winners of the tournament?  Or the Road Warriors, face-painted ripoffs of the Ascension?  Tag Tournament Final

The David Crockett Memorial Cup Tag Team Tournament 2014!

Just for fun, I thought I'd generate some discussion by running another massive tag team tournament, this one featuring all the teams to ever hold a version of the WWE tag team titles from the start of the Hulkamania era until now.  That gave me a nice 128 team limit to work with.  
The bracket is as follows, and it was generated completely at random:
So we'll throw up polls every day to hopefully generate some discussion and have fun.  Rules for the tournament are that each version of a wrestler is a different person for the purposes of matchmaking (so Big Show & Undertaker can face Undertaker & Kane or Big Show & Kane), and voting criteria is whatever you want.  Pick whoever would be booked to win, whoever you like best, who would win in a real fight, whatever.  Polls will run until there's a clear majority or until I feel like it.  As a reminder, last time we ran this years ago, The Hart Foundation defeated Edge & Christian in the finals.  
Good luck to all!

Thoughts on David Schultz

Hey Scott,

What are your thoughts on Dr. D? I've watched some promos from the guy on YouTube and he actually seemed have a lot of talent and, as best as I can surmise, could have easily overtaken Piper or Orndorff for the Top Heel position if not for Stossel. Am I wrong on this? Was the 20/20 incident a turning point in his career or was D never going to be a big start in WWF?


​Well I mean the problem was that he was kind of a sociopath, so there was always an upper limit of what he could do in a mainstream promotion like the WWF, but he absolutely could have been a top heel with a big money run against Hogan for a good few months and guaranteed his own financial security for years to come.  And yes, the Stossel incident basically blackballed him from the business and he went back to bounty hunting or survivalist living or whatever he's up to now.  ​

David Benoit 2014 interview

Hi Scott,

Long time lurker, first time mailer.

Just came across this interview with David Benoit. He starts talking about his father around the 8 minute mark. Some interesting comments in a strange and awkward interview

All the best,


Man, that's a kid who NO ONE is going to touch with a ten-foot pole on the national scene unless he's the second coming of Ric Flair.  

David Von Erich

Hello Sir,
Long time reader going back many years, and for last four years I have written reviews for 411mania.com.  I also run a pro-wrestling board where friends can come and discuss.  One person posted the following today, and I was just curious on your thoughts.  Do you agree with the guys idea that WCCW would still be alive today?  Here is his post:
"Today is the 28th anniversary of the Ric Flair vs. Kerry Von Erich match held at Texas Stadium where Kerry won the NWA title. That would have to rank as one of the most famous matches in wrestling history.

Too bad Kerry didn't get a longer reign. At that point, even with David passing months earlier, Von Erich mania was its zenith. WCCW was the hottest promotion in the world at that point.
To this day, I believe if David lived, WCCW would still be going strong and it would be a totally different scene in Pro Wrestling.
But for a brief moment, all eyes were on Texas and WCCW!"

That's not really much of a convincing argument.  Kerry Von Erich was a much bigger star than David was, even if David was a better worker, and they had Kerry all the way until the promotion got swallowed up by Jerry Lawler.  First of all, playing the "if David lived" game isn't really fair, because David had a heart and/or intestinal condition (if we go by the official story and not the drug rumors) and something like that was going to get him eventually.  Same kind of deal as Eddie Guerrero, where you can't do the "if he lived" thing because Eddie's heart was destroyed by drugs and if he lived through one heart attack another would just get him a month later.  
Anyway, let's assume David is 100% healthy and lives to carry WCCW past 1984.  Is that suddenly going to keep Vince McMahon from destroying all the territories single-handedly with talent raids and pricing the smaller guys out of the TV markets completely?  Nope.  Much like the heart attack that killed David, Vince was an ongoing condition of the wrestling world and World Class was not going to survive into the new world because I assure you Fritz Von Erich was not the guy to compete with him.  Even when David was alive Fritz was already showing signs of the same mistakes that would kill the promotion years later, so there was just too much working against the promotion.  You can't just run with the Von Erichs on top forever.  Eventually David would have moved on, just like Kerry, and it's the same story, game over for WCCW.  Hey, David was great, no doubt, but let's not get carried away.