Surprisingly Good Match of the Day – Davey Boy Smith vs. Greg Valentine – MSG 10/20/86

I was just watching this episode of Old School on the Network. It was a televised MSG show from 10/20/86. This was the best match on the show, and I would rate this somewhere around ***1/2, if only for the weak ending. I just wanted to share with you, the BoD Universe…..since I care and all.

Davey Boy Smith vs. Greg Valentine by Stinger1981

Ten Years Since Davey Boy Died
Hard to believe it's been ten years. I don't think he ever truly got the appreciation he deserves. 

I think he got a lot of appreciation, actually, given how terrible he became after the drugs and injuries took their toll on him.  He was a great worker for a while, but I wouldn't call him underrated or anything.