Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 27th August 2021

Happy Friday Everyone!

Been playing Quake on the Switch this week. Only ever played the borked Saturn port on consoles, so playing the game with a good framerate and controls has made me appreciate it far more than I used to. I have occasionally fallen afoul of the “run around trying to work out what you’re supposed to do” trope that sometimes happened with these older FPS’, but in general I’ve enjoyed it and will keep playing it over the weekend.

Speaking of Video Games, I also write for a VG site called Gaming Respawn and recently did an article on Dynasty Warriors 4 if you’d like to read it. Link below if you’re interested.

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Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 26th August 2021

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Dynamite was kind of “just a show” last night, but I didn’t really mind too much. Even when a Dynamite episode is “so-so” you can usually see where everything is going story wise and I think they’re doing a good job of getting characters over whilst also hyping up the pay per view. Sometimes it’s nice just to have a wrestling show to watch, and that’s what last night was to me.

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Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 24th August 2021

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I’m off to Huddersfield tonight for some hot sexy League Cup action. The highlight of the night will be if I can make it to Huddersfield before they close the Wimpy Burger. Come On You Blues have asked me to write up a preview, which you can read HERE. I watched some brief clips of Raw on YouTube, and I’m actually somewhat interested to see what will happen with a certain wrestler challenging another wrestler for her belt. It’ll be kind of like Freddy Vs Jason, whoever wins we all lose.

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Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 23rd August 2021

Happy Monday Everyone!

Managed to catch the Edge/Tyler Black and Dragunov/WALTER matches from the weekend and they were both as great as advertised and very much worth your time. WWE Network has been playing up for me so I haven’t seen the last two matches of Takeover yet, but I can’t imagine they’ll be as good as that NXT UK Title match was. Talk about one match essentially making a show a Thumbs Up all by itself!

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Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 22nd August 2021

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I’m back off holiday tomorrow so these should go back to the usual format.

SummerSlam was yesterday and there are reviews from Scott and Thomas. I’ve not watched it but Edge’s entrance sounded cool if nothing else

There was some chat about the Quake SEGA Saturn port in the daily thread yesterday, so HERE is an article I wrote on it if you fancy having a read

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Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 18th August 2021

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I’m off to Wales for a few days today, so I’m going to post the Thursday and Friday threads in advance just in case internet is scarce wherever I end up. Watched some more Daria yesterday and I’m up to Series 3 now, complete with wacky musical episode when the hurricane comes. It’s still holding up for me and I’d strongly suggest seeking it out if you’ve never seen it.

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Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 17th August 2021

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

It’s already miserable weather wise and I haven’t even set off for my holiday yet. Ah, British Summer, it’s an acquired taste. I’ve not watched that Marvel “What If?” Show yet, and to be honest I was never really a massive fan of the comic series it’s based on either. Those “alternate reality wacky things happening” books like Marvel Zombies and Deadpool Kills Everyone never really interested me to be honest, but I know some people dig them and that’s probably the target audience for What If

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Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 15th August 2021

Hey there campers!

So I got my second shot of Pfizer yesterday (Pfizer Uppercut!) and despite now having 5G inside me I still couldn’t get a signal in Goodison Park. The Toffees won the game at least. There was little in the way of social distancing going on in the concourse but I had a mask with me and I’ve tested negative this morning, so it looks like I managed to avoid purchasing a ticket to the Backstreet Boys Reunion Tour for now. Hopefully my Pfizer will have fully kicked in by the time we play Burnley at home in September, if crowds are still allowed by that stage.

Spent most of the evening binging series 2 of Daria as I recently bought an NTSC boxset of the complete collection. Sadly pretty much all of the music has been dubbed out, although that does mean you get the occasional unexpected bit of WWF/E stock music such as “You Look Fly Today” and whatever the name of The Holly Cousins’ music was. It’s a great show and well worth watching if you’ve never seen it.

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Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 13th August 2021

Friday The 13th, Unlucky for some

Hibs are sadly out of European competition but the other Scottish teams are all still alive in one form or another, so good look to them in the next qualifying rounds! The New Saints from Wales sadly crashed out on penalties as well. Their previous name was actually Turner Network Solutions, but then they changed it. And thus ends any of the facts I know about them, so apologies to any TNS fans that are reading this

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Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 11th August 2021

Come along children, spit spot!

Shout out to blog poster Bobby who recently bought a ticket to The Backstreet Boys Reunion Tour. I hope you aren’t on tour with them for too long Bobby and make a swift recovery. Might I suggest watching In Your House: Canadian Stampede? It’s always a good “I’m sick so I’ll cheer myself up with some wrestling” show from my experience.

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Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 10th August 2021

Hey hey hey!

Welcome to the new Era of NXT tonight! It’ll be interesting to see how different it is from the usual NXT, or whether the new changes will come in gradually. I’m sure generic looking tall guys under 30 the world over are waiting excitedly by their phones in anticipation of a phone call from Johnny Ace!

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