Blog of DOOM Daily News Thread – 8th September 2021

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I’ve been playing Quake Remastered on the Nintendo Switch recently and had some fun with it. If you’re interested in my thoughts you can click the link below. Basically, it’s Quake. It runs properly and looks nice, so if you like the idea of playing it with Joy Con’s then you should get it, or invest in a Pro Controller.

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Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 19th July 2021

Howdy Gang!

I had Money in the Bank on in the background this morning and it seemed like a decent show. That’s two for two when it comes to WWE having shows in front of crowds and me enjoying it. I don’t think I’m willing to brave a 3 hour Raw though.

I actually watched the Dynasty Warriors movie on Netflix last night and I didn’t hate it. They did a reasonable job of recreating the madness of the games into a movie setting, with big Musou moves and bodies flying aplenty. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms series obviously has an absolute cluck-tonne of characters and there are only so many you can include in a 2 hour movie without it getting ridiculous.

As a result, they mostly focused on the main Shu guys and Cao Cao, with Wu pretty much taking a backseat in a “Yeah, Sun Jian and his family also exist” role. I’ll be interested to see if they try making another one and whether Wu will feature more in that one. You’d think the Battle of Chibi would make a good set piece for a movie due to all the stuff with the fire boats and Zhuge Liang trying to summon up the wind, so that could be something to build the sequel around.

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Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 17th July 2021

I had to take a break from the record covers today because just look at how magnificent this is!

I decided to stay up last night to watch Smackdown, and it was a breezy enough watch. I was happy to see people like Bianca and Big E so over with the crowd, and the pop for Edge was bone shaking stuff. I don’t think he’s got a hope in heck of actually winning the Title like, but based off last night the match should hopefully have some good heat from the crowd.

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Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 16th July 2021

Another Friday is upon us!

We’ve actually had some nice weather here in the UK this week so I’m potentially planning a nice socially distanced walk with a buddy I haven’t seen in a while to make good use of the sun this Saturday. They’re supposed to be lifting restrictions here in the UK on Monday, but the current figures aren’t looking too hot so we’ll see how long that lasts before they lock us down again. Seriously, I envy you American’s in having a President who at least seems to have some semblance of a grip on this thing. Our bungling flop headed doofus couldn’t organise flatulence after a spicy burrito, and yet he’ll still probably win the next election by a landslide because Keir Starmer is about as appealing as dry oatmeal in a sweaty gym sock.

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