Because I’m sure you’re not sick of D-Bry emails yet

Let me preface this by saying I am in no way claiming that Bryan is capable of being a breakout star the way Austin was; he isn't. 

That said, the Sheamus/Bryan rumor has me thinking that WWE is really, truly, not-working-us missing the point. Austin got huge because he tapped into something basically everyone could identify with: he wanted to kick his boss' ass and drink beer. So did we, only in real life that's less of an option. Now, in the current economy, you know what people really identify with and latch onto? The guy who busts his ass and tries his hardest, but keeps getting screwed over by a system that caters to rich, corrupt assholes. There's a reason Bryan's getting the biggest crowd reactions in a decade, and I'm pretty sure that's it; he taps into something real, just like Austin did. 

The problem, then, is that WWE doesn't get the last part of that formula (at least not yet). We loved Austin from the jump, but what REALLY made him a super-duper-forever-mega-hyper star was triumphing over that thing we can't triumph over in real life; he got to kick Vince's ass (multiple times, as well as Shane's, Steph's, Eric's, and whoever else they put in front of him). He got to live out the dream that made us sympathize with him so instinctually in the first place. If Bryan just keeps failing to beat the horribly corrupt system, he's not going to lose too much heat (I mean, it's been two years of them dicking him around at this point and he's as over as ever; that's the strength of gimmick), but he's also not going to become a sport-defining megastar. Not on the Austin scale, that's off the table, but there's no reason to believe he can't be the next Cena/Sting/HBK/Flair level guy; a guy who absolutely draws money within the industry at the tippy top level. Only Austin/Rock/Andre/Hogan really were able to bring fresh eyes to the product, and that list may never grow. The Cena-tier is still pretty great for business, though. 

I'm not even writing this out of frustration, I just think it's interesting; the parallels are right there, and WWE, for whatever reason (best guess: Trips) doesn't want to roll the dice on it. Worst case scenario, it's no bigger of a failure than everyone else they've tried in that slot (Sheamus, ADR. etc.). Best case scenario he's the biggest thing in the last ten years. Just seems silly. 

It's Vince, not HHH, I'm pretty sure.  But otherwise, yeah, agreed with all this.

D-Bry Madness?

Magoonie sent this in right after Raw…

“Wow…that was Bryan’s Randy Savage Moment. Remember…The Macho Man
beat the One Man Gang by DQ too. The only difference is that we have to
wait a few weeks for the Finals” 

Makes a good amount of sense, and would have made even more had they done it on the go-home show to SummerSlam. Still, it’s pretty cool to see such a ground-swell of fan support actually get a guy to the top. Then they put him out there to perform, and he does so in spades. He got a good match out of Ryback, and neither Cena nor Punk could accomplish that. Daniel is also like Macho in that you could put him in any era, in any company, and he’d still get over with what he’s doing. WWE should have no fear of pushing him to the moon, because the kids can get behind him just as much as Cena, if not more. Looking like Cena ain’t gonna happen unless you have the world’s greatest genetics, but looking like D-Bry? Sure. Hell, and they’re even dating the same chick.

Dig it. Mad freak out!

Latest rumor regarding D-Bry

Rumor has it (evidently) that Chris Jericho and/or Daniel Bryan are going to turn heel at Payback. Curious as to what your thoughts are on turning the absolute hottest face in the company now, right on the verge of mega stardom. Just because it worked with the Rock doesn't mean it will work here. Does the crowd bite, just because they actually care about the character? Do they cheer anyway? Whattya think? Keep up the good work. Andy


ericho turning heel would be kind of a nothing move for him, and turning Bryan would be suicidally stupid for them.  Although he had ostensibly been a heel for most of the Hell No run and that didn't stop him from getting over as a babyface anyway.  
You know what they should do with Bryan?  Have him win the MITB briefcase to prove himself, and then challenge Cena at the end of the show and win that too, as the ultimate way of showing he's not the weak link.  Cena can squash Ryback in shockingly fast fashion to allow them to have a long match, too, just to really stack the odds against D-Bry.