Mike Reviews – CZW Cage of Death V – “Suspended” (13th December 2003)

Happy Ultra-Violent Saturday Everyone!

I decided to review some Combat Zone Wrestling for the heck of it seeing as I’ve had this one in my collection for years and I remember mostly enjoying it back in the day. CZW from this era is kind of a guilty pleasure for me, in that it does have some good wrestling sprinkled throughout but it’s also a pretty low-rent and sleazy product a lot of the time.

The big story coming into this one was that a Heel group known as the High Five (Or “Hi-V” as they spelt it, because as mentioned CZW was a pretty skeevy company a lot of the time) made up of Trent Acid, B-Boy, Johnny Kashmere, Nate Hatred, Adam Flash and The Messiah are trying to essentially take over the company, so CZW original John Zandig has brought back some of the classic CZW ultra-violent wrestlers to back him up in a big Cage of Death match.

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Mike Reviews: CZW Tournament of Death 16

Hello You!

Back to working my way through my Smart Mark Video On Demand splurge from a couple of years back, as we take a look at Tournament of Death 16. I really have no idea why I purchased this as Deathmatch wrestling isn’t really my thing, but I can only assume that it was because I felt like broadening my horizons a little bit and taking myself out of my comfort zone.

There’s really only one Deathmatch styled show I’ve ever watched in full and that’s the King of the Deathmatch tournament from 1995, which featured Cactus Jack, Terry Funk and Terry Gordy. I liked that show well enough for what it was, but that may have mostly been down to the fact that I’m a big Mick Foley fan and also because they broke up things up with non-tournament matches so it wasn’t just a cavalcade of people doing Deathmatch spots.

I may not particularly enjoy this, but I’m willing to give it a go because I am somewhat interested in the whole Deathmatch scene as sub-genre within the wrestling business. I really do ponder sometimes why the guys put themselves through this pain, especially as most of the time there doesn’t even seem to be a backstory to explain why. I get doing a big brawl with blood and weapons if it’s to blow off a long running and hate filled feud, but to just do it for the sake of doing it seems to fly in the face of wrestling logic (It’s why I didn’t really dig that Omega/Janella match as much as others did because they were doing stuff that could really mean something in a heated blood feud but were burning it off on a thrown together match for YouTube).

I’ve decided that giving these matches actual ratings probably isn’t going to work because it’s very difficult to actually rate them on any sort of scale because this style of wrestling is so niche and unusual, so I’ll just give my thoughts on each match and leave the stars at home for today.

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Mike Reviews: CZW Cage of Death – 16/10/1999

Hello You!

Back once again to my Smart Mark Video On Demand haul, as I watch a show I actually remember buying this time! I think I bought this just to see what super early CZW was like, and seeing as we’re very close to this show being nearly 20 years old, I felt I’d write up a review for it as it felt timely.

For those not au fait, CZW (Combat Zone Wrestling) is a company that was first formed in 1998 by John Zandig, a man who is perhaps more known for yelling “Jeeeeeezus” on Botch-a-Mania these days rather than being a wild garbage wrestler in his own right. CZW’s main selling point over the years is that they provide high flying Junior Heavyweight styled wrestling alongside their patented brand of garbage wrestling called “Ultra Violence”, which essentially means light tubes, chairs, tables, barbed wire, weed whackers etc.

I should stress that the company has had its fair share of good wrestling over the years as well, with guys like Alex Shelley, Adam Cole (Bay-Bay), Jimmy Jacobs, Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli all being counted amongst the promotions alum. However, I’m not sure just how much good wrestling we’re going to find on a 1999 era CZW Show, so I wouldn’t get your hopes up too highly.

Anyway, let’s brace ourselves and take a journey into the world of Ultra Violence!

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CZW Liberated 03/12/05

Starting with this show, CZW would begin filming interviews for the start of the DVD so newcomers would know who people were and why they were feuding. This was a great idea as the wrestlers got the chance to talk on a clear mic rather than the over-bassed arena one. Highlights:

    • BLK OUT call DJ Hyde a fat ass who runs around wearing a trash liner.
    • Mike Quackenbush promises to take the CZW Jr. Heavyweight Title to Germany to defend it.
    • Franky The Mobster calls everyone a cunt.

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CZW Only The Strong: Scarred 4 Life 05/02/2005

Part two of Maffew Defends CZW 2005, click here to read the January show or don’t and just wing it. Commentators are John House and for whatever reason, Rick Feinberg (a horrible parody of Rob Feinstein). They’ll be yelling into their bass-filled headsets like Gordon Cole in Twin Peaks for the next three hours.

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Nick Mondo’s The Trade

Because I posted an old CZW show review on here (and important people read the Blog of Doom) the company behind ‘Sick’ Nick Mondo’s film The Trade sent me a review copy to have a look at, which is terribly nice of them. I watched Mondo’s earlier documentary Unscarred years ago but that was produced by people still in the mid-2000s mentality of STITCHES ARE FOR BITCHES, WEAR THE SCAR YEAHHH so let’s see what mature film-maker Matthew Burns (the man behind the sickness) can make for himself.

(Note: The subject matter is death matches, so if you’re not up for a bit of the old ultraviolence then don’t click.)

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CZW Gen Z: New Blood 08/01/2005

Combat Zone Wrestling gets a lot of s--- from people for being a death match based company, but there was a time in 2005 when their shows were great. Don’t believe me? Well let’s re-visit this magical time and see if it lasts under the scrutiny of actual re-watching and not retro goggles. CZW builds it’s story-lines to come to an end at the annual December megashow Cage of Death, so January is the perfect starting point. In relevant news from Cage Of Death VI the previous month:

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