Cutting off pushes

Following up on the Barrett post, why does the company routinely cut what's getting someone over, then immediately blame the wrestler for not getting over.
Barrett and Bad News gimmick is one. The obviously one was Cesaro was got over with the Swing, then was told to stop(?!).  Is it that Vince is so concerned with having strong heels to throw at Cena, that he routinely cuts the proverbial balls off any heel getting positive reactions?   It's so confusing as a fan because it's like we're being told "NO don't cheer that guy, look he's a loser!" And so we stop cheering when Barrett loses to Truth three times in 2 weeks and then Barrett gets fired for not connecting with fans

​Yup, the Cesaro question on the Vince/Austin podcast was a real eye-opener, because here's the biggest star ever and one of Vince's guys telling him right to his face that he's mistreating Cesaro, and Vince still doesn't get it.  There's honestly no method to the madness that we're missing here; it's Vince going further off the deep end​ as he gets older.  

Cutting the Cord

Hey Scott,
Longtime reader/fan. After reading on your blog about cutting the cable cord, I decided to take the plunge today. I was so excited to call Comcast and cut the cord. I bought a Roku and signed up for Hulu Plus. I set everything up and everything is working great. However, I am freaking out a bit now after finding out on the FCC website that a digital antenna will be useless to me because all the signals for the broadcast networks are either weak or no signal at all in my area. I want to be able to watch the NFL in the fall! I really don't want to call my cable back and have to renew my cable just to get the big broadcast networks. I hoping my fellow BOD readers can help me with this? What should I do? I thought for sure I'd be able to get HD broadcast channels for free using an antenna. I live in a city, its not like I'm out in the backwoods somewhere. Please help with some suggestions anyone. Crawl back to Comcast and get just basic cable? Any other option to get HD broadcast channels? Thanks Scott.
​Pfff.  Try living in Saskatchewan, where you get 2 channels over the air and neither of them show hockey. ​

Cutting the Cable and Hulu Plus

OK, let's talk.
Kids are expensive and mine basically monopolizes the TV with Disney Junior all the time, so basically we've been paying $100 a month for cable service we don't use, with one exception.  I of course watch RAW and other wrestling content, but that's about the only thing that's not easily available to stream online, especially with allowing me to watch US content.  Now, WWE does the Hulu Plus thing, and honest to god I'm READY for a 90 minute edited version instead of the three-hour one, even though it'll mean doing the rant a day late from now on.  Plus I can also do Main Event and NXT and such.  However, even though I can watch Hulu with the playmo gateway, it won't let me sign up for Hulu Plus because I don't have a US credit card and my Paypal account is Canadian.  So I'm wondering if anyone knows if it's possible for someone in the US to gift me a Hulu Plus subscription?  I also found this site:  which should allow me to set it up by basically paying double, so that might be my best option.  
Anyway, anyone who can assist, thanks.  

TNA cutting back on PPVs


What do you think about TNA cutting back on PPVs? 

Are they just trying to be smart with their money and give the product breathing room, or is this a sign that they're running out of money?

They don't HAVE any money, they're being kept alive at the whims of Panda Energy and Spike TV in that order.  Running 12 PPVs a year at this point is just something they'r doing because it's something they've always done.  There's no way the paltry amount of buys they get possibly justifies the cost of doing the shows, so the more they can cut back, the better.  Honestly they'd be 1000% better off cutting down to Lockdown, Slammiversary, Destination X and Bound For Glory and then just doing everything else as Clash-style (as opposed to Styles Clash) TV specials on Spike or maybe even a different Viacom property like MTV2 as something different.