The Cure to Boredom – Less Wrestling…?

Evening all.

So after reading comments over the past year(s?) or so about giving away main event matches on free tv (or at least ‘superstar’ vs ‘superstar’ bouts), it got me thinking of the alternatives.

Sure, one that’s been mentioned many-a-time by us BoD’ers is the concept of bringing back the jobbers. I have my reservations about this one. Perhaps you could slowly reintegrate it, but I just can’t see it being the answer. I think the fans have become far too conditioned to seeing stars vs. stars (i’m even talking about guys like 3MB. They are at the very least seen as WWE Superstars).

So here’s one for you:

How about going back to less wrestling?

Bear with me here…

I started watching TNA in 2008 when Russo had the book. I recall being really in to Impact throughout 2008-2009. What I really enjoyed was the segments and characters (it’s a pretty talented roster at this point. Steiner was entertaining enough by himself, but along with the Mafia, I really thought they were pretty great. I thoroughly enjoyed the angle they did with Sting, but I think they really blew the Morgan angle), with a smattering of good matches.

It was a 2 hour show that was heavy on segments and storyline development (no sniggering, please), and left the big-time, big-fight matches for the PPV’s, more often than not.

Sure, you’d still have some rare treats as the main events on Impact, but you knew for fact you’d see the guys get more time on the PPV’s, and therefore have a better quality and more ‘main event’ feel match on them, too.

It’s also worth noting that Russo said (stop with the sniggering at the back!) segments tend to draw better than the matches themselves. Worth mentioning, I guess.

But this isn’t to say that WWE could pull this off. I mean let’s face it – we’re all pretty sick of the heavily scripted segments, all shot against a fake office with weird red/blue lighting (i’ve never quite understood that..). What TNA did at least was add some variety and take the angles around the arena, to different areas, to outside, to bars, to wherever the fuck. It freshened things up, and enabled the talent to work in different scenarios where they can adapt to their surroundings and have a bit of fun with it, something WWE could really do with right about now.

What’s your thoughts? Total bullshit? Agree? Have an alternative? Let’s hear it!