WWE Network Receives CRTC Approval

Basically this means that all the other service providers in Canada (all 2 of them) are now free to buy the channel from Rogers and provide it to people, and they don't have to worry about Canadian content or anything.  Kind of funny that there was objections due to the channel not being internet-based like the US one and not having all the same content, and Rogers response was basically "Yeah, well, too bad." and they still approved it anyways.
Canadian TV, ladies and gentlemen.  I shall remain a citizen of Lafayette, LA, for the forseeable future.  

WWE’s problems with CRTC

Any comments on this? Are the CRTC in the right?
I changed the link from the junk news site to the WON  update it came from first.  
And yes WWE is absolutely skirting Canadian content rules here.  I'm shocked they didn't run into this sooner in fact.