Write for the Cover, Vol. 1 is out!

Hey Scott,

My publisher, Pro Se Press, just released a new book. It's a short story anthology that hearkens back to the days of pulp adventure books. Back then, an artist create a cover for a book. Then writer(s) would tell stories around this art piece. We saw something similar in the episode of Deep Space Nine, Far Beyond the Stars. Pro Se decided to bring this concept back with WRITE FOR THE COLVER VOLUME ONE. This one great piece of art by Adam Shaw inspired a little over half a dozen writers to create a story around it.

The reason I'm e-mailing you about this is I'm hoping you can help spread the word since my work – SARA SAVIOR AND THE INTERGALACTIC ARMOURY – is featured. I haven't written a lot of straight up space-faring sci-fi before, so this was a lot of fun for me. So if you could please post this on the 'ol blog, I'd appreciate it:

You'll probably hear from me again in a few months when my second novel drops later this summer. It's anotherArmadillo Mystery, a sequel to THE CITY OF SMOKE & MIRRORS. This one's called THE DAME WAS A TAD POLISH.

Thanks, as always,

Nick Piers

Posters and Cover Art

Good morning!

I hope that all is well!

Thought this might make a good discussion topic, and I’d certainly love to hear your opinion as well:

What are some of the most iconic/memorable wrestling promotional posters/video cover arts over the years?

Thank you!

My favorite was Fall Brawl 99, where WCW didn’t have a main event booked and just used a generic “top secret” graphic instead.   Also memorable was Wrestlemania 19, because they put Hogan and Vince on the poster as the sole focus and then blamed Seattle when it scored one of the lowest buyrates in modern WM history.  

Fwd: Attitude Era DVD cover

Odd that they went for a Sgt. Pepper parody for this cover. How very 90's of them (ahem). 
So we've already had the 80s DVD, the 90s DVD and the 2000s DVD, and now we have a celebration of "The Attitude Era" as well?  Is it going to be two discs of 90 second bonus matches and Vince McMahon promos?  These naval gazing DVD sets are getting ridiculous.