Windham claims Flair cost him WCW title reign in 91?

Hey Scott,  In a shoot interview Barry Windham claims he was scheduled to beat Flair for the title when Flair left over his contract issues. He states he was going to get a "run" with it but when Flair left they went with Luger instead.    I find those comments a bit far fetched because the entire summer build up was for Lex vs Flair in a cage at GAB 91 with Luger finally beating Ric for the title. Plus Windham was teaming with Arn Anderson and still technically a Horsemen at time.   Was there any truth to that all? Also could Barry have carried the belt during this period with any success?

​Barry is correct, believe it or not.  Well, I mean, correct in the sense that he was scheduled to beat Flair for the title at a house show and then drop it to Luger at the earliest possible opportunity, but then Flair left with the title before anything could be set up to change the belt.  Here's the relevant thing from the WON at the time:

Ric Flair was fired by WCW Monday, effective immediately, after both sides failed to reach an agreement on a contract extension which would be from June 1, 1992 through May 31, 1994. The official word was faxed Monday afternoon by Jim Herd to Flair's attorney, Dennis Guthrie, in Charlotte, that Flair's contract is being terminated effective August 1, 1991. Flair was scheduled to drop the WCW title to Barry Windham on 7/1 in Macon, GA in a revised plan decided upon within the past week that had been the subject of many behind-the-scenes problems. WCW officials weren't expecting Flair to show up to Macon (he was originally scheduled to be on vacation until Wednesday's show at the Meadowlands but was given the word last week to be in Macon). The revised plan was for Windham to defend the title against Lex Luger in Baltimore, with Windham's title victory airing on TBS either this coming Saturday night or the day before the Baltimore show. It was announced in Macon, which airs on television on Saturday, basically the truth, that Flair has been stripped of the title due to contractual problems and that the top two contenders, Windham and Luger, would wrestle for the held up title on 7/14 at the PPV show from Baltimore in a cage match. This marks the first time in the 43-year history of the NWA/WCW that the world heavyweight title didn't change hands in the ring.

I guess it can be reported here that the original plan was for Flair to drop the title to Luger in Baltimore. ​

Russo may have cost TNA the Spike contract

Apparently both Wrestle-1 and Spike are very upset that TNA had Vince Russo on the payroll and purposely tried to hide him from them both. 

I don't think Dixie really knows any better RE: Russo, but clearly others in TNA do and could have or should have said something. 

So, if Spike doesn't renew TNA (which would probably be the death of the company), this could end up being one of the big reasons why. 

If a creative team member is so problematic that you have to hide him from people for fear of their reaction, maybe you shouldn't hire him in the first place…
​Really, by this point if TNA was going to lose their TV deal, hiring Vince Russo would be the least of the reasons.  I seriously doubt that their fate will have anything to do with the company's internal problems and will pretty much be decided by some exec at Spike feeling like Cops reruns would be a better return on investment.  And he'd probably be correct.  It's definitely a stupid move on Dixie's part to bring Russo back, but I just don't see it being the deathblow or anything.  ​