Mitb booked into a corner

MITB this weekend seems pretty stuck in terms of booking. Reigns wins the contract (even though he doesn't need it) then cashes in and a) goes heel on ambrose or b) returns the favor to rollins. There just doesn't seem to be anything else. Also, doesn't Cena need to win here? Screwjob? Then again rollins wins and reigns doesn't cash in ignoring the last month because reasons. Thoughts?
​I'm pretty sure Reigns gets the biggest foregone conclusion briefcase ever, but on the bright side at least he won't choke this time!  
I also agree that the Cena-Owens match probably ends in some sort of screwjob non-finish.  They went back to it WAY too early and it doesn't feel like there's any real momentum behind the rematch yet.  ​