BoD Royal Rumble Shoot Interview Contest Thread

The rules for this contest are as follows: These are the numbers that were chosen at random. They will match up with the actual WWE numbers and whatever number the entrant of the WWE Rumble winner has, that number will end up winning the contest. For instance, if the winner of the WWE Rumble was the #20 entrant, whoever has #20 in this contest will win and get to pick the shoot interview that I review for this Thursday. 

Here are the results of the drawing:

  1. Handleman 20
  2. Bulldog Bob Brown
  3. The Ricker
  4. Duthtys GoRilla
  5. theJawas
  6. robmck3898
  7. Biff Kensington III
  8. Ghost of Faffner Hall
  9. wpoc3
  10. Kyle Warne
  11. John Petuka
  12. Rodney Rankin
  13. Doctor_Ew
  14. Bob Patel
  15. Battle Kat Litter
  16. Jonathan Meisner
  17. Dean Andrews
  18. Vince
  19. Cultstatus
  20. Darren X
  21. Steveweiser
  22. Average Joe Everyman
  23. Biscuit!
  24. Adam Curry
  25. Fake Danimal Crossing
  26. Crikey Mate Down Under
  27. Logan Scisco
  28. Danimal Crossing (Real Bro)
  29. The Whispering Joker
  30. Grail Ron Swanson
Good luck to everyone involved. 

WWE Network Subscriber Projection Contest Thread

Click below to see the predictions. If you have an asterisk next to your name, that means you picked the same number as someone else, thus not eligible for the prize.

The winner is the closest to the projection without going over.

If I actually do end up winning with my pick, the next closest will be the winner.

VadersBuffetShit: 14

Buck Nasty: 2112
Polish Hammer: 123,456
TheOriginalDonald: 499,999
Y2j420: 535,000
Adam Curry: 540,000
Abeyance1: 569,000
Jeremy Rhinehart: 578,550
Brian J Blottie: 580,000
Harry F.: 615,000
Pete Labozetta: 640,000
TomaxandXamot: 654,000
Albert Snow: 665,000
Thebraziliankid: 666,666
Paragonofvirtue: 667,287
Ryan Yoder: 668,000
Crikey Mate Down Under Aussie: 675,000
Victory73: 681,377
Magoonie: 682,828
MrA: 683,391
Night81: 685,000
Johnny Polo: 688,201
TheBigO84: 691,800
Piperfan01: 693,173
PatMan: 693,472
Brian Bayless: 697,000
RainbowSherbet: 700,001
ProjectBlue: 700,037
White Thunder: 700,299
WhiteGoodman: 700,316
Jimbojones: 700,350
Dirtyearsbill: 701,299
123321Kid: 701,400
The Ricker:702,500
Doug: 703,500
Hbkslush: 704,000
Dips: 705,000
The Aroma in Tacoma: 705,316
BUndelson: 705,308
JaR45: 707,324
Governor: 707,325
Devin Harris: 707,327
Adam Moore: 709,303
Bones: 709,345
Will1225: 709,500
Bramma23: 709,842
Matt Perri: 710,293
Onita100: 711,000
Sweet Lee: 711,213
MattCalamia: 712,000
Garth Holmberg: 713,094
Bruce Chung: 714,000
Latote: 715,480
Paul: 716,050
WILLYOUSTOP?!?: 717,171
Rick Poehling: 717,347
Steven Bellah: 717,434
Jobber123: 719,000
Stranger in the Alps: 720,000
Syd h. 721,000
Something316: 722,000
Magnusx1: 723,596
TheLELGuy: 724,291
theJawas: 724,960
Matrach: 725,000
Jared Bellow: 731,402
MichaelXavier: 732,524
AverageJoeEveryman: 733,003
FordXanakov: 733,128
SodiePop: 735,000
Mattindeed: 735,455
RevDean: 736,000
Anthony Ratcliffe: 738,245
Vintage: 739,300
CruelConnectionNumber2: 740,987
Da Gawd: 741,420
Ryan Norcross: 743,638
Biscuit! 745,657
Petrock: 745,658
The Bragg Man: 747,206
EddieChicago: 749,999
James: 750,000
MrJustinB: 750,001
WCW1987: 752,000
Buster Abbott: 753,053
Supermark25: 755,216
Curtis Williams: 756,000
Glen4321: 756,333
VintageECW: 756,789
Dr. Facts: 757,747
Peyton_Drinking: 758,156
Adam Brennan: 760,000
bWov1: 761,225
Stelio Kontos: 764,000
kaufman316: 765,000
AndyPG: 765,432
JoeDust: 767,005
Mitch the Godfather: 768,800
Bob Patel: 770,000
MikeyMike: 773,000
Greg Phillips: 775,000
LScisco: 775,001
AlexBull: 777,337
JT Murphy: 777,777
Theberzerker1: 780,000
Kirk: 784,346
ETB757: 785,000
Basscase: 785,481
Brian MacLeod: 786,425
Scott Carlson: 787,232
John Petuka: 788,504
Single_H: 790,000
kbjone: 792,537
JDW: 795,128
X-Man: 795,160
TheGrailspiral: 797,000
Chris Hirsch: 800,000
Nick Saikley: 801,000
riraho: 801,001
Eric Griffith: 802,000
Aww: 805,000
J. Frizz: 809,400
Extant1979: 810,000
Ts14: 812,345
Matt: 813,519
Starscreamlive: 813,750
Rob: 814,217
BobSacamano: 817,316
Witlon: 820,000
Joe: 821,104
Kaptain Kiwi: 821,530
Jb619: 824,192
Big Ell: 825,000
Kenny Chill: 825,000*
NoCash: 831,432
Matthew Graham: 840,035
Dean Andrews: 846,937
Mr. Snrub: 850,000
Dynamic_Dave: 850,000*
Mr. Maye: 850,000*
Ernest Rowe: 850,111
TroyStT: 850,217
Ray is a Nerd:856,000
Rob.mack1111: 867,530
TraitorAlex: 867,530*
Thaddeus Mountain: 871,332
CooltrainerBret: 875,000
Kbwrestlingreviews: 884,000
Juvydriver: 897,203
Worst in the World: 900,000
DJ Sprite: 915,000
Mar Solo: 925,000
SekSeaPirate: 945,221
Bobby: 1,000,000
Brian Nielsen: 1,300,000
Snapple070: 2,000,000
Mike Nalbach: 30,000,000

Guess the WWE Network Subscription Number Contest

Tomorrow, the WWE will announce the Network subscription numbers. For this occasion, I thought that I would hold a little contest. The person who is closest to guessing the exact total subscriber amount without going over will win the contest. The winner will get to select the shoot interview that I will review on August 14th (next week I will be recapping the 1992 WWE Timeline with Bret Hart) and will also get my copy of interview as well along with some other random wrestling stuff. To make your prediction, just post it in the comments section by 9am EST tomorrow. And just for the fun of it, here is my prediction: 697,000

To note, on April 7th, the company announced that they had 667,287 subscribers.

Good luck to everyone.

WWE Announces a “Show us Your Superstar” Contest .

STAMFORD, CONN. AND MINNEAPOLIS, MN, June 10, 2014 – WWE (NYSE:WWE) and Totino’s™ BOLD have partnered to offer one lucky fan the ultimate WWE experience – a chance to create their own WWE Superstar. The “Show Us Your Superstar” contest will allow fans to submit their best WWE Superstar characters in a short video online at
The winner will travel to WWE’s biggest event of the summer, SummerSlam®, on Sunday, August 17 in Los Angeles where the journey will be showcased to a sold-out crowd at Staples Center and millions watching around the world. Totino’s BOLD, a General Mills brand, will be the presenting sponsor of SummerSlam and the “Show Us Your Superstar” contest.
Fans can submit videos no longer than three minutes showcasing their ultimate WWE persona and one lucky winner will be selected and sent to WWE’s Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, where just like an aspiring WWE Superstar, their journey will begin and the winner’s character will be developed.
At the Performance Center, WWE will follow the winner’s journey from average fan to ‘spotlight ready’ and capture content for a series of digital videos. The videos will be released beginning Monday, July 21 and lead up to SummerSlam, when the entire experience will be revealed for the first time.
“Totino’s BOLD is excited to continue our relationship with WWE through this fan contest, and the sponsorship of SummerSlam 2014,” said Brad Hiranaga, Associate Marketing Director for Totino’s. “We are launching two new flavors to our BOLD product line this summer and together with WWE we are bringing both flavors and fan experiences to the next level.”
“WWE has the most passionate fans in the world and we’re thrilled to partner with Totino’s BOLD to offer a once in-a-lifetime chance for fans to create their own WWE Superstar,” said Michelle Wilson, Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer, WWE.  “We’re excited to leverage WWE’s expansive TV, digital and social media platforms to help Totino’s BOLD Launch its new products.”

Fwd: Photo contest plug?


I participated in a photography contest last month. I won at the local level and made it to the world-wide contest. I was wondering if I could get a plug to hopefully get my entry some more support.

It's on the first page under "Alton," it's a picture of a Lincoln statue with the US flag in the background.


Is he hunting a vampire?  Because that would be even more awesome.  

Quick Contest

You might notice the pageview counter at the bottom of the blog is sitting around 990,000 at the moment, which means that someone will be 1,000,000 by tonight sometime given normal traffic levels.  If you're that person, either send me a screenshot of it or just copy and paste and mail it to me when it happens, and I'll let YOU choose next month's 2012 Scott sez theme!  Granted I've got it narrowed down to 3 or 4 ideas and you'll have to pick from one of them, but the deciding vote will be yours.  

Of course, if someone hits it on the mobile site, that pretty much means they're hooped.  But I'm willing to take that chance.