WCW Conspiracy Theory

We've all heard every theory for the collapse of WCW from the finger poke of doom to the AOL/Time Warner merger. But what if it was an inside job? By none other than Hanoi Jane herself?

Hear me out. Jane marries Billionaire Ted in 1991. The same year WCW became WCW, right? she divorces him in 2001, the same year WCW goes under. Coincidence?


But who was she working for? Crockett, perhaps? Another jealous NWA honcho? JIM HERD?!?!? Let's not forget WCW also ran shows in N Korea. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!

How have we not seen this before? If I were a betting man, I'd even wager it was her own voice on those WWF skits in 96. That's probably when she recruited Razor and Diesel! Whoa, And that just came to me! IT GETS DEEPER AND DEEPER!!!!


​I feel like I've already thought about too much as it is.  Don't you think I've been considering that very theory in my mind over and over since the company died?  Don't you think we ALL haven't thought about the Jane Fonda Theory at some point while wondering what went wrong?  But then that's when they turn on the chip in your brain and you get shocked for asking the wrong questions.  Not worth it.  Gotta finish.  They're coming right now.  #WAKEUPSHEEPLE #THANKSOBAMA

New Day conspiracy theory

Hey Scott,

With the WWE's track record of doing such things (for example, Austin's hugging gimmick being an inside joke on DDP's propensity for hugging backstage), do you think that Kofi Kingston/New Day's positivity gimmick (in particular the grilling Kofi received while on commentary on Monday) has something to do with reports that he's totally content with his place on the card so long as he has a job? As seemingly laid back, unconfrontational 'millenials', I'd imagine Big E and Xavier Woods are much the same.

I find it too hard to keep track of which gimmick is a rib on which guys anymore because everything is basically one big gag for Vince's amusement anyways.  However, in the case of the New Day, as I understand it the original idea was supposed to be a more militant crew in the spirit of the Nation of Domination, before the Ferguson incident forced them to instead switch the gimmick 180 degrees into the "dancing black men" nonsense we're dealing with now.  Granted the original version would have been offensive, but I don't think Kofi making jokes about how sweaty that Big E gets is particularly better.  As has been said quite succinctly recently, everyone is just playing for an audience of one at this point anyway.  


I know you have shot down "Montreal work" conspiracies and I agree with you that what happened was real (Vince changing the finish) but I one question concerning it:
In storyline terms it did make sense for Vince to come out and screw Bret as from late 1996 and on WWF was making it known Vince was the owner (Showing him on camera breathe a sigh of relief when Bret said he was staying rather than go to WCW)
And in 1997 Bret shoved Vince after the cage match on Raw leading up to WM13 and later on that summer they got into a scuffle at the announcers table when Owen and Bulldog had to hold Bret back.
Even if Bret had stayed, it seemed like they were setting up Vince for some kind of retribution against either or both Bret Hart & Steve Austin. They were the only two wrestlers ever shown getting physical with Vince.
It seems like Vince had been dropping hints at the Mr. Mcmahon character for about a year prior and Montreal was just the perfect time for him to turn into the evil authority figure. Is that fair to say?


up, it just happened to be one of the greatest happenstances in wrestling, absolutely.  One of the latest Observers has a whole story on amazing timing and luck just like that one, although clearly Montreal worked out to be the biggest bit of luck like that, maybe ever.