Blog question – Consecutive PPVs

RedSox1981 here.  Steady reader and infrequent poster.  I was reading the post about's 15 Best Ever PPVs, and I posed this question in a reply and was told I should submit this as a question for the blog, so here we are.

What you would you say the best back-to-back-to-back PPVs would be for any company?  My first thought would be the 2001 Royal Rumble, No Way Out, and Wrestlemania X-7.  Maybe other readers would have different ideas. Conversely, would would be the WORST grouping of three consecutive PPVs you can think of?  You could honestly throw a dart at any month for WCW 2000 and work in either direction from there, but I'm curious to see what the readers could come up with.

WWE's had a pretty solid year for PPV, actually, but 2001 is hard to top.  Getting the Benoit-Jericho ladder match, then HHH-Austin three stages, then Austin-Rock on three consecutive shows is an awesome run, no doubt.  If WM2000 wasn't in there like a sore thumb you could have had a rare five-pack of greatness in 2000, with Rumble-NWO-WM-Backlash-JD.  You could also go back to 1989 for Chi-Town Rumble/Wrestlewar/Great American Bash. 
As for the worst, yeah, Russo's 2000 run made for some hideous stuff.  Probably Bash at the Beach/New Blood Rising/Fall Brawl would be the worst combination but there's SO many more.  At least these days WWE doesn't do strings of bad shows anymore, because Vince generally changes the entire direction two months in and evens things out again.