NXT cuts coming

Okay, so when does WWE hit he real panic button and raise The Network rates or even shut it down? 

Cutting talent on the main roster who really aren't working out is one thing, but now they're going to be cutting developmental guys.

As in, the guys who are supposed to be the future of the company and help to ensure their long-term success. 

Isn't that a really poor and rash decision on someone's part?
​I doubt we're going to be seeing Tyler Breeze fired tomorrow if that's what you're worried about.  They keep dozens of guys in developmental that we never even see on TV.  They have to cut payroll to show Wall Street that they're doing something, and it might as well be the guys who they can cut loose with minimal impact to the on-screen product.  That's the way that layoffs work in any business.  ​

More WWE Cuts Coming Tomorrow?

The following was reported by Dave Scherer of PWInsider.com:

We have heard that Mark Carrano, who works in Talent Relations under Triple H, is the man who made most, if not all, of the calls to the released talent today. It is fair to say that at least some of those let go would have appreciated that the call came from Triple H himself.
There is a lot of talk that the cuts/releases are not done and that there will be cuts on the administrative side of the company as well, perhaps as soon as tomorrow. Potential cuts loom across pretty much all departments.
The word making the rounds is that the current state of The WWE Network, its success or lack thereof, is what is precipitating cuts both in talent as well as potentially in office staff. That wouldn’t bode well for state of the Network base when they release the current subscriber numbers at the second quarter earnings conference call.
So it may very well may be that tomorrow continues Black Thursday into Black Friday.”
Not Looking to good for the WWE today.  

Also, I will try to keep the blog updated with all of the cuts, if any, that will occur tonight through the weekend.

It’s gotta be coming…

Hey Scott – I'm probably not the first to email you with speculation of this but doesn't it seem a lot like they're building towards WARGAMES in the very near future.  They kept hammering on the word WAR on Raw this week and they've got the teams basically set – Evolution Redux and Kane vs Bryan and the Shield.  Do you think they'll pull the trigger? Maybe even for their next Special Event:  Extreme Rules…


Unless Vince McMahon either dies or gets access to a time machine where he can go back and invent the idea himself, don't hold your breath.  

Cucch’s Book Review’s: Coming Soon to a Blog Near You.

Hello again all. It is your friendly, cheap neighborhood Cucch checking in with you all to let you know, yes, your long national wet dream is over: I am returning with book reviews. The holiday season has provided me with enough vim and vigor to bring back the fun threads that I am sure will cause this site to explode. The books I have read in the past month or two include Shoemaker’s shit, Dusty’s, Gary Michael Cappetta’s, and others. A now former co-worker (read about it after the jump) gifted me a Secret Santa gift that allowed me to gain access to three books I would have found unaccessible.

I am a recovering drug addict. Painkillers. Opiates. Percoset and OxyContin, primarily OC 80’s. I cleaned up two years ago to this day, December 28, 2011. All recovering addicts remember that day. I spent two years trying to reacclimate myself to a society that had, and has, passed me by. I found a job that satisfied me, along with a girl who satisfied me, if not in a traditional sense. I started working at this pizza joint, family run but a corporation, in early September. I kicked names and took ass, and defended this other girl, also a recovering, to the point where I almost became something of an afterthought compared to her. No issues, she is my age (33) with very similar experiences and two children. I will gladly take the bullet for someone I deem worth my time…and she was. No sex, well…one time…but this was not a relationship, so to speak, based on sex or sexual tension…it was one of mutual respect and experience. She needed the hours, I did not, so I sacrificed and gave them to her, realizing that she was just awesome at her job…just like me. The two of us, two people from the same background, drugs, work experience, all of that, were the backbone of a restaurant that experienced record sales this holiday season. She last worked the 23rd, me, Christmas Eve. We both got laid off today. It had nothing to do with performance, but with how the entire company panned out. Life sucks. Now, with me, I am a single man who lives (and basically raises) his dad. No rent, free computer…hell, my dad feels so bad about me losing my job CLEAN that he is adding me to his cell phone account with a new Samsung Galaxy 4…shitty huh? This other girl, call her my girlfriend? She is me in the female form, only she is a little behind in recovery and has two children. One of who’s birthday is in six days.

Enough with the melancholy, here are the books I have read and/or am about to:

-Dusty Rhodes
-Shoemaker’s shit
-Capetta’s (Don’t sleep)
-Missy Hyatt
-Bruce Hart
-The one SK book I have not read…Made Men.

There is the list. Pick one.

TNA Mega-Tapings Coming

So as rumored, TNA is going BACK to the Impact Zone 11/21 to tape a shitload of episodes and hopefully stave off death until after the new year as a result.  Not the ideal situation, of course, but the road tapings were KILLING them and you do what you gotta do.  I think when you're at the point where you're doing 6 weeks of TV at a time just to stay alive, it might be time to blow it up and start fresh with something else.  Competition is good, but at this point they're just circling the drain and they might as well start fielding offers to buy the tape library.  
Bound for Glory is gonna be one sad PPV.  

The Hits Just Keep On Coming For TNA

– At tonight’s TNA
house show in Cape Girardeau, MO, road agent Pat Kenney came out at the
start of the show and announced that around half the wrestlers who were
scheduled would not be allowed to work due to commission licensing
issues. The company offered refunds, and for those who don’t take
refunds, a free fan interaction with all the wrestlers. 


From what I could find, the license costs $40 per wrestler.  Let’s say 30 wrestlers were scheduled for the show and 15 couldn’t wrestle.  If it’s a financial problem, that means TNA doesn’t have $600 to spare?  It’s either that or they’re so inept they can’t get this kind of thing straightened out weeks in advance like they should have.  Either one is not good, and if it’s financial the refunds/free fan interactions are making it even worse.

Best of the Clash of the Champions DVD Coming


– WWE is currently developing a “Best of the Clash of the Champions” DVD set. The presentation will be hosted by Dusty Rhodes, who created the event.

Clash of the Champions was a series of quarterly-scheduled events on TBS meant to compete with WWE’s Pay-Per-Views. The first one featured a classic 45-minute draw between Sting and Ric Flair and aired opposite WrestleMania IV.

The DVD set is expected to be released on May 22.

I’m sure a lot of people here will be happy with this. What matches/segments would you like to see on this set?