How did Zeb Colter get a job?

Hey Scott,

Just wondering, since Vince thinks Managers are dead, how did Zeb get a job? I've heard Heyman came back because Lesnar requested it but it seems like Zeb just got hired. If it was just, "Well, Swagger sucks on the Mic," how come that philosophy doesn't extend to other talent?


​Excellent question, Shelton.
I think in Zeb's case it was that they were going for a specific gag about American politics, and honestly I don't pay attention to anything on the news that isn't posted by George Takei on my Facebook feed anyway, so I couldn't even tell you what it was supposed to be spoofing.  But it was less a managerial hire and more of a "Vince has a crazy whim and wants to mock someone" hire.  
Also, Flash was fucking awesome tonight and the monkeys who write these shitty wrestling shows wish they could have me jumping up and down and losing my shit like I was watching "Out of Time" on Hulu tonight.  NERDGASM!​  Of course we know Cisco can't die because he has another destiny, but HOLY FUCK show, rip my heart out much.  A++++++++

Zeb Colter standing pat

Hi Scott,
This might be a little nitpicky but have you noticed that Zeb Colter just stands there like an idiot whenever Jack Swagger gets beat up by Rusev? Last night, Swagger gets pounded with a FLAG and all Zeb does is WATCH?!? I mean, you're Dutch F'ing Mantel with a flag of your own in your hands. What would YOU do? At the very least, he should have tried to attack Rusev only to get the camel clutch. He could take next week off to heal and let Swagger cut a promo of his own to put himself over for SummerSlam. But surely the people who write this stuff don't need any ideas from social media. 🙂
​Dude, Dutch Mantel is SHOT from years of working hurt. There's no way he's cleared to have anyone even lay a hand on him without potentially causing him serious injury by accident.  I would not want some green rookie like Rusev ​pulling a Droz on the poor guy.  Although of greater concern is what they do with him as a babyface manager when this Evil Russian storyline is finished, because there's only so many foreign nationals that Swagger can run through as a heroic patriot. The character really only works if he's either the ironic Tea-Partyesque "patriot" or a real American hero.  Having him be a generic babyface manager is a waste of everyone.  That's why I think they might go with the heel turn where Zeb goes Russian and aligns with Rusev to face off against the reunited Real Americans after the current feud finishes up.  
Either way, I'm positive they almost zero plans for Swagger or Cesaro at this point anyway.  

Mindblowing stat regarding Elimination Chamber and Zeb Colter


Something for the history buffs at the BoD, which a bit of research at the WrestleCrap Lab conclusively proves:

Zeb Colter (assuming he doesn't turn on Jack Swagger or Antonio Cesaro this week) will become the first manager in WWE history to have wrestlers challenge for the WWE World and Intercontinental Titles at the same PPV, in different matches.

Cornette managed Owen/Yoko at the September 1995 IYH against Diesel and Shawn (World/IC on the line), but Colter will be the first to do it in separate matches.

I've been racking my brain trying to think of a Bobby Heenan example, but I think you might be right with this one.  MIND BLOWN.