Kona Crush Reveals His Grandfather was a Clown by Trade

Hi Scott-
Long time, no talk.  Hope you are doing well.
Not sure you remember this, but apparently Crush didn't like Doink because his grandfather was a clown.  No, seriously.  Discovered this while working on this week's new induction.
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Anyway, considering the color scheme of Crush's tights at the time, I think it was pretty safe to assume that his family was made up of circus performers.  Hell, he even had experience painting his face!  

Fwd: CNN Reports on Doink the Clown, Heath Slater

———- Forwarded message —— You've probably already gotten this a million times, but CNN did an article on Doink the Clown's return against Heath "One Man Band" Slater: http://www.cnn.com/2012/07/06/tech/social-media/apparently-this-matters-doink-clown/index.html?iref=allsearch  It informs the non-wrestling crowd what a jobber is, and leads to the article's best quote: "[But] if tomorrow I had to get in the ring and you gave me a list of 10,000 wrestlers to choose from, I'm absolutely, positively picking the guy named Barry Horowitz." HA! ———————- Well that's your surreal story of the day.