Mike Reviews – Classic British Wrestling at Wembley Arena (18/06/1981)

Hello You!

Back with more Classic British Wrestling, as we take a look at Joint-Promotion’s excursion to Wembley in 1981, featuring a match a lot of you may have heard off. If you fancy watching along then you can do so by visiting the website itvwrestling.co.uk and heading to the 1981 section. The matches for this taping were split across multiple Saturdays, so I’ll make sure the required dates are present so that you can seek out the induvial matches if you wish. It’s better to do it that way rather than post each one individually and possibly get the blog in a spot of bother with the Google overlords.

I’ve also got to give a shout out to wrestlingheritage.co.uk as well, as it proved invaluable in finding information on some of the wrestlers.

So without further ado, let’s watch some chuffing wrestling!

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