To Clarify For The Fuj

it might be an old email that scott just got around to. he does get backlogged, or just outright doesnt post emails (mines)
Just to clarify for people, I'm current sitting at 120 e-mails in my inbox, literally all just stuff that people send in for the blog.  I try to answer timely stuff right away and send plugs right to the blog, but everything else I just play Jenga with it and take one from the bottom, one from the top, and one from the middle here or there.  Fuj's of course always go last.

Just Want To Clarify Something Here…

…now, the point of the Cena-Show cage match was that NO ONE COULD INTERFERE, right?  So I guess that stip held true, if you don't count Big Johnny, Vince McMahon, the multiple referees, Kofi Kingston, Zack Ryder and Brodus Clay.  That's practically no one, right?  

And Johnny will totally stay fired tomorrow night, I'm sure.  
Remember:  They're just telling stories.  But they don't have to make sense.