WWE Cheap Pops

Hi Scott,

How great was that one episode of Cheap Pops? Fantastic, right? Well I hear it was cancelled already. I assume the business decision was to not overshadow Slam City which is a Network exclusive, as opposed to Cheap Pops which was a YouTube freebie. 

I will never forget the name… Scuba Kane!


I think there was some political stuff behind that one as well, since it was not only cancelled but pulled from the YouTubes within hours of going viral.  Apparently some of the people being mercilessly mocked had issues, although I never heard specifics.  More's the pity.  

Cheap Plug.

Hey Scott, long time follower, first time sender. I was wondering if you would showcase this currently selling "Welcome to the BoD" T-Shirt based on the poster Abeyance1.

Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

​Sure, although it kind of loses something without the proper capitalization on the shirt.  ​

Cheap Plug

Hey Scott been a fan for well over a decade now and glad you keep on keeping on.  If it would not be too much trouble can I get a plug for my friend’s Podcast/website http://www.bastardgentlemen.com/ that I help out with once in a while.  The site is not exclusively wrestling but the links below go to a couple of recent wrestling list.