ECW on Sci-Fi #87 01/29/2008

Last week Chavo succeeded in winning the ECW Title from CM Punk in a No DQ match with help from his La Familia Edge. Tonight in Reading Chavo celebrates with a CHAMPIONSHIP FIESTA.

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Song about Chavo Guerrero

Hi Scott

You might have already been sent this but I thought it could potentially be of interest to you and / or your readers.

The Mountain Goats have announced a new album dedicated to professional wrestling. The album is called Beat The Champ and is out on April 7th in North America.

And the track The Legend of Chavo Guerrero is streaming at Soundcloud now:

I think this is the highest profile wrestling name-check in music since Johnny Grunge put New Jack through a table in El Scorcho by Weezer.

Keep up the great work.