Undertaker breaks kayfabe and drops the character


It's about time he broke character. He should have done it back when he dropped The Deadman gimmick and became a biker. It would've made a lot more sense to do it then. 
I'd actually be happier if we never saw him as the stale, boring, Deadman ever again. It was played out even by 1996 and by 1999 it was just getting beyond silly. 

I know, right?  That dude's just all over TV, week after week, doing the same thing every time.  Why doesn't he take a year long break after each match?

Character Development

Hi Scott

I've been really enjoying TNA lately and Bully Ray is a huge part of why I do. He comes off as a true bully with a big mouth that he even uses during matches which is a great touch. He looks to be in even better shape than before and, maybe it's because I enjoy the character so much, but I think he puts on some good matches. I find it's a very well-done character especially considering he could have stayed as Bubba Ray Dudley and made money playing the nostalgia circuit. What it's made me wonder is, after 2000 (so to not include obvious choices such as Stone Cold, Rock and Mankind), who do you think has done the best job of coming up with a new character or gimmick after having already spent a fair amount of time in their previous one? 

I was gonna say The Patriot but I guess you stipulated post-2000.  OK then.  
I guess the obvious choice would have to be Umaga or maybe Zack Ryder, since it's actually fairly uncommon now for guys to switch gimmicks.  Generally you get your shitty gimmick out of WWE developmental and that's who you are forever.