How the DX “Tank” Changed EVERYTHING

Three things that strike me about the "Monday Night War" DVD package art:

1) The DX "tank" is on the cover. Because as we all know, that was the turning point of the Monday Night ratings war. (Note: The DX "tank" is a jeep, not a tank. Rusev knows what a tank is).

2) Chyna has been airbushed out of the "tank" photo.

3) There is absolutely no representation of WCW on this cover art and an old WCW fan would have no idea it has anything to do with WCW. In fact, it features NONE of WWF or WCW’s biggest stars on the cover — no Austin, no Rock, no nWo, no Sting, no Goldberg. Granted, the Rock is on the cover art for Volume 2, but still.

My takeaway: WWE would rather put out a DVD set about the 1995-2001 era of pro wrestling with Vince McMahon’s eyes and Triple H on the cover instead of much bigger stars (Rock, Austin, nWo) and zero mention of WCW even though putting the actual big stars on the cover would likely sell a lot more units.



New Breed Theory (Champion & Royal changed history)

The New Breed Theory by Kace
In 1986, not just professional wrestling, but life itself changed forever.
Their names were Chris Champion and Sean Royal and by some stroke of circumstance had been able to leave 1986 and experience the world of 2002.  At first, the world was a marvel of scientific advancement, but the advancement came at the expense of humanity itself.  Lifelike robots and androids were made to function alongside humans, possibly even serving in a superior capacity to those not socially high enough in the caste system.
The world had been taken over by a corrupt President of the United States, hailing from Texas.
Upon being elected in 2000 and taking office in 2001, President Dusty Rhodes instilled an American Dream by his vision, a forced vision turning America and the free world itself into a dystopia.  His right hand man was Jimmy Valiant, who like Rhodes had failed to socially change with the times as the 1990s arrived.  Valiant's corrupting influence on Rhodes would lead to a global takeover of Jim Crockett Promotions, which Rhodes had helped lead to domination over the rest of the wrestling world, leaving the sport as its supreme ruler and leading to a political rise to power.
Champion and Royal knew they had to go back in time to stop this.  And so they returned to 1986, referring to the Future as their home so they could be reminded of their mission.  They were now the New Breed.  The mission was to remove Dusty's corrupting influences, most notably Jimmy Valiant and the Rock N' Roll Express, a tag team that would not take kindly to the change in 1990s rock music.  Honing their skills in Florida, the New Breed would set their sights on 1987 and Jim Crockett Promotions.
Not long after arriving in the present, the Valiant of 2002 had sent an android-like being back to stop them.  He was known as Lazer Tron and would assist the Valiant of 1987, never letting the younger Valiant know the true state of its mission.
The New Breed, as a way to remind themselves of the present day would make references to Back To The Future, the Transformers and Beastie Boys, fearful that too much jargon about 2002 might lead to imprisonment or worse.  The goofiness of the 1980s references provided a coverup and even converted some younger onlookers to their cause.
The New Breed fought Lazer Tron, Valiant, and the Rock N' Roll Express.  Lazer Tron would wind up exhausted of energy and teleport back to 2002 for repairs.  His return would be to a future where he no longer existed, thanks to the New Breed's efforts.
The New Breed's war was brief, with Champion being injured and Royal getting on the wrong side of the Midnight Express.  But the mission would still prove successful.  The damage would be done.  Valiant would wind up away from Rhodes in the AWA, the Rock N' Roll Express were never quite the same, and instead of leading a corrupted JCP to world domination, the company would sell to Ted Turner's Borg Collective and Rhodes, after a series of soul-breaking battles with the Road Warriors would depart for the WWF, reduced to polka dots.
And humanity would be saved.
Just a theory, of course.