The Shield as tag champs

Hi Scott,

it seems like The Shield are heading toward a tag title win in the near future over Hell No, and the Freebird-style title reign, if they go that route, hasn't been done in a while. My question: who do they fight? They've spent their entire existence going over superteams in six-man matches, and outside of a rematch with Kane and Bryan, the tag division offers nothing for them right now. Is throwing teams of main-eventers together to try to take the titles off them the best route to go, booking-wise? At what point do you break them up and push them as singles?

Absolutely you throw teams of main eventers at them, because when the Shield wins the tag belts they become main event belts.  Then you can suddenly have Shield defending the tag titles on top of house shows against your Orton/Sheamus team, or Cena/Undertaker for a PPV main event to set up Wrestlemania.  In fact it's a pretty easy path to get there, with Cena/Taker challenging them at Summerslam, then a three-on-three match at Survivor Series, and then you can finally split one of them off ala Orton & Legacy at Royal Rumble. Really, they should have won the tag titles the night after TLC last year.

DGUSA vs ROH champs booking behind the scenes

I wrote an article with quotes from Gabe Sapolsky (DGUSA), Kevin Steen (ROH champ), Johnny Gargano (DGUSA champ) and indy outfit Smash Wrestling promoter (Sebastian Dastranj) on the ROH champ vs DGUSA champ match scenario that happened on Sunday in Toronto and the behind the scenes look at how this match was booked and promoted:

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