How long as champ?

Hi Scott,

Once Reigns wins the title at Wrestlemania, how long does he hold it for?

Fan reaction clearly isn't that much of a concern as it's more about WWE having a plan and sticking with it for better or worse. Yet what is the plan with Reigns as champ? Fight Big Show, Rollins or Orton before falling to Cena at Summerslam? Keep it on him for a year and hope something happens by fluke to keep Reigns "popular"?

Wrestlemania's main event is a foregone conclusion having being telegraphed for months but what follows hopefully creates some intrigue.


Yeah, that's the other issue with his push.  The story leading up to the Lesnar win is one thing, but who are his challengers after the show?  Big Show?  Kane?  Evil Sheamus?  Bray Wyatt?  It's bad enough that the whole run-up to the WM season feels like it was booked on a napkin based on Vince's whims as it is, but I don't feel like there's any real long term plan evident.  And Rollins is gonna have to cash in by July, too, which they seem to be putting off as long as possible. It really is a case where having the 2 World titles would have helped them immensely.  

Miz As WWE Champ


I was watching a RAW where Miz and Cena were fueding, and like most people I think I completely blocked out that he main evented WrestleMania as walked out as champ.

What the heck was going on during that time-frame where the Miz was their pick to battle Cena? And walk out as champ?? Horrifying.

​They thought Miz was gonna be their guy, they took a shot with him, it failed spectacularly.  The lesson here:  Never try.  ​

Reigns as Champ


I remember last year after Bryan won the belt, you advocated for him to be a fighting champion and take on all comers.

Ignoring that the creative team will inevitably screw it up, if Reigns is indeed the anointed one, how would you book him after WrestleMania? Similar deal? Fighting champ? Might be a nice change of pace since Brock has been invisible for the last several months. Plus, it might be fun to see Reigns VS Barrett or Sheamus or Miz or whoever main event Raw once in a while. Thoughts?

My presumption is that Rollins is going to screw him out of it fairly soon and then Reigns will chase until Summerslam.  It's a weird deal because they want him to be a long-term champion and they still need to pay off the MITB briefcase, and this would be a situation where having more than one title built up to mean something would be incredibly useful.  I think long-term it's best to give Rollins all the main event rub they can now, since Reigns is on the gravy train anyway and will be a made guy no matter what.  

Seth Rollins – world champ?


Where do you go with Seth Rollins now that they pulled the trigger on the Shield breakup? Wouldn't it make sense for him to win Money in the Bank, cash in on a prone injured Bryan and hold it strong till Wrestlemania? Then you could have Roman win the rumble, beat him in a hopefully incredible match and you'd have 2 made guys as single stars.

​Hey, whoa, I like Seth Rollins as much as anyone, but let's not get crazy here.  If Hulk Hogan time-traveled from 1984 to sign with WWE today even he wouldn't get that kind of push.  Let's just see if he can get over as a heel before booking WM main events around the guy.  ​

First British World Champ

Hey Scott,

Hope you're enjoying the holidays. Here's my interview with Magnus on TNA's live event at Temple tomorrow night as well as his upcoming fitness book.

I can't believe he's the first British World Champ in over a century. Just mind-boggling.


I find it mind-boggling they even put the belt on him in the first place, but he seems like a good guy and it's not like it matters at this point anyway, so good for him.  

CM Punk should be champ forever

Hey Scott, wrote up this blog post this morning about why I think Punk should win Sunday…and keep the belt forever. Would assume many on the blog would agree with me. Do you? I'm not really looking forward to Rock/Cena again, to be honest.

Honestly, if it's not changing today, it's changing at Elimination Chamber, and that would be lame.  Rumble at least is a big show and it'll be a big memorable title change.  Either way, you're getting Rock/Cena II because Uncle Vince has lots of crappy movies that still need to be financed, so you might as well just accept it.  

Rock as Champ

So you mentioned that Rock is more than likely coming back to take the belt at mania. That had occured to me. What hadnt until I read that was how he would lose it. Or to who. Am I the only one who sees Cena getting his win back after Mania against the Rock for the belt? Seems pretty obvious/boring. What say you?
Also I can't figure out how to sign up to comment on the new blog. Any help?

Given plans change daily I don't think anyone's even given to thought to what they would want to do with the belt if/when Rock wins it.  My vote would be a tournament, as noted, but then I'm a mark for tournaments in general and I don't particularly think the title has much value left to hurt anyway.  Cena-Rock II seems like too big of a match for Extreme Rematches, plus then you're changing the title not once, not twice, but THRICE in the first four months of the year and that's exactly the sort of thing people who value the title always bitch about anyway.  
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