Cena/Bryan/Orton and the Cena Factor

Got to totally disagree with your comment about the whole "Bryan beats Cena only to be beaten by Orton after the match" scenario. Partly because it violates the rule that Cena must ALWAYS be the center of attention in the WWE. 

A more likely scenario is this: Orton cashes in his MITB briefcase against Cena before the PPV. Vince makes him do it (because he's pissed Bryan was picked as his opponent) or Orton does it because he can't get a match signed at the PPV, or because Orton realizes that Bryan knows he'll cash in if he wins the match, so he does the opposite and forces a confrontation at the PPV, by cashing in at the PPV.

Orton beats Cena, cheating to do so and basically then losing the belt to Bryan at Summerslam. Cena can go into Summerslam, perhaps going up against the Wyatt clan as part of a six man tag, with Kane and R-Truth and a mystery partner who turns out to be Cena.

This way, per the logic that Cena must be the center of the universe, after Summerslam, Cena vs Orton becomes the main feud as he seeks to avenge his title loss to Orton. Bryan gets the CM Punk treatment, going down into the undercard to fight Ambrose, Axel Curtis, etc and treated as an afterthought by everyone because only Cena matters. 

You're right, Jesse, that's a far more likely and logical scenario.  I don't know what I was thinking this morning.