When Cena returns….

Was reading a lot of the comments in your last RAW review and it got me wondering:  When Cena returns what happens?  Does he get his top face spot back and Daniel Bryan is put a notch below him(kind of like CM Punk was after his 'summer')?  Or do you think Daniel Bryan will eventually remain the top face with Cena?  I'm worried cause this whole storyline screams of all the babyfaces being defeated and Cena returning as the final hope and getting the revenge for the locker room against the 'evil empire'  I don't see Bryan ever getting his revenge payoff…plus you just know he's gonna be the scapegoat for the ratings drop too.

On another note, with all the emails he sends you, have you ever considered releasing a 'Best of Jesse Baker' compilation for purchase on the Kindle?  Scott you may be sitting on a gold mine!

Jesse's obsession with me waxes and wanes.  I'll get a bunch of e-mails from him sometimes then he'll go months without contacting me again.  He's a tough one to figure.
As for Cena, yes, I think they're going to panic over the freefalling ratings and dropping buyrates and plug him in as the savior.  And here's the irony of the whole situation:  This Bryan storyline was built on HHH and Stephanie demeaning him for being a "B+" guy who can't draw money on top and is too small to be champion, and that's exactly what we're seeing in real life.  There's a weird faith in Wrestlemania being the ultimate payoff for stuff, when that hasn't been the case at all for anything outside of Rock-Cena in years.  The show this year is clearly gearing up for Cena-Undertaker and Rock-Brock in some combination (assuming Rock can/will work the show) and you think HHH is going to get his comeuppance six spots down on the card?  I think not.  Plus really, the Corporation storyline doesn't have legs for much longer without adding some new top guys to the mix.  The announcers are all "OMG, Daniel Bryan is the new locker room leader!" but who really joins him in standing up?  Everyone else just kind of passively does what HHH & Steph demand of them and takes the matches assigned at their assigned times, and hell even Bryan does it too.  And now we're getting Boobless Bella added into things in the most misguided audience reading in a good long while.  Note to WWE:  Total Divas is a hit with teenage girls and housewives and John Orquiola, not anyone actually watching the product that people pay money for.  
Others have said it before, but I'll say it again:  I do not watch wrestling to see real life job frustrations portrayed by people making millions of dollars a year.  Being forced to work for the owner's idiot daughter and doofus asskissing son-in-law and never being able to get any revenge is hitting way too close to home for people.  Austin v. McMahon worked because was two people playing cartoon exaggerations of archetypes (the rogueish Everyman and the Evil Boss), and the audience could project themselves through Austin's revenge on Vince because the morality play was SO broad.  This storyline is frighteningly specific, with the babyface side cow-towed because they're afraid to speak up for fear of losing their tenuous employment while working for a monopoly in a bad economy (ala Big Show) and being having to answer to the guy who never wants to look bad and his wife who can't ever look bad because she's the owner's daughter and everyone knows it.  The only guy who's ever been portrayed as having the balls to say anything is off in some bizarre parallel universe of walruses marrying silverbacks that never intersects with the main storyline for some reason.  I mean, really, no one ever stops to ask Punk "Hey, isn't HHH a dick?" and let him talk for 15 minutes about it?  It's like, the storyline is Bryan being backed up by a group of misfits and losers, who are then portrayed in storyline as a bunch of misfits and losers, so why do I care about any of this?  Dolph Ziggler stood up for himself, got beat down repeatedly by the Shield and now he's headlining the pre-game show against Damien Sandow and MIGHT ACTUALLY LOSE THAT MATCH TOO.  Why do I want to invest anything in these characters?  
So yeah, Cena's coming back and probably wrestling Orton again.  

Cena worse than Hogan?

I was recently re-watching the PPVs leading up to this year's WrestleMania and still believe that Cena turning heel would've made the most sense, especially given the success WCW had with the Hogan heel turn.  I recall Cena around that time saying he would never turn heel because of his commitments to Make-A-Wish Foundation, etc., but doesn't WWE have someone else who could step in and fill that role?  You would think onvincing kids to love someone besides Cena – such as Sheamus or Daniel Bryan – wouldn't be tremendously difficult.

So is WWE's reluctance to turn Cena heel and freshen up possibly the most stale main eventer they've ever had more their decision or more a result of Cena's refusal to change his character.  Since Rob Van Dam got arrested, when was the last time we've even seen Cena go out of his way to put someone over?  (I don't think this Bryan feud counts as anything considering the SummerSlam crowd will be firmly on Bryan's side no matter how they build the match.)  On account of the fact that every wrestler in the history of the company to reach Cena's level – Hogan, Austin, Rock, Brock – have each left the company high and dry at various points, is Vince just going to do whatever it takes to keep Cena happy?  And if that means Cena doesn't give the rub to absolutely anyone – ala Hogan during the last few years of his first run – then so be it.  Or am I just naive to think that WWE really doesn't see that they'd probably make more money turning Cena heel and
 running with anyone else as their kiddie merchandise mover?

This wasn't from Jesse Baker, honest.  
And once again, CENA IS NOT TURNING HEEL.  He makes millions in merchandise and is the only guaranteed babyface draw they have because of their own 50/50 booking problems.  

John Cena, S on his chest?

 YankeesHoganTripleHFan sent in a question regarding Cena as the true Superman.

The John Cena question about where he ranks all time got me to
thinking…I may actually be the only wrestling fan out there that is
pretty much indifferent to Cena. Don’t love him, don’t hate him. But
where you have to give in credit is this…

     After the deaths
of Guerrero and especially Beniot the WWE’s image was in shambles. I
was viewing from afar from that point and I really thought the company
might die. As the face of the company it was largely on Cena’s
shoulder’s to try and repair that image being it with his on screen
character or his work with Make a Wish, and the Troops or whatever. And
guess what? To a large degree it’s succeeded. I don’t hear a lot of
negative stories about the WWE anymore. They are featured on sites
Grantland, ESPN.com, and Bleacher Report in a mostly positive light.
When they had Wrestlemania at Giant Stadium, (I refuse to call it that
other name,) the biggest NJ paper had articles in the sports section all
week leading up to the event, again mostly positive.  Hell the Governor
did the voice over for the intro. Like him or not I really think that
Cena had a lot to do with that. What say you?

Well, I think a lot of WWE no longer receiving negative press is because they’re strictly PG. If you don’t include the death of wrestlers, then the only reason the WWE received any negative press in the last 15 years is because of the “envelope pushing” that they were doing. Of course, having Cena has a figure head for this whole era is an important thing. A franchise has to have it’s break-out star. Happy Days wouldn’t have survived without The Fonz, X-Men the film series wouldn’t have been as popular without Wolverine, and The Big Bang Theory wouldn’t be so popular without it’s pathetic writing & canned laughter.

For the record, I love Cena. Sure, his character is a bore, but I could careless. I don’t watch Raw or Smackdown, so the only exposure I have to Cena are when he goes out and has consistent ***+ matches with just about everyone he steps in the ring with. Plus he’s a true genetic freak in the weight room, and that’s a quick way to my respect.

Fwd: Cena question

———- Forwarded message ———-

Hey Scott,
Huge fan and I'm loving the eBook collections. Please keep them coming. I have a question for you about cena. Obviously he's not that popular amongst the iwc for a variety of reasons. However it seems silly for wrestling work rate fans to dislike him. He's had an unbelievable amount of 4 star plus matches with a extremely wide variety of opponents over the last 10 years. Where would you rank cena amongst the all time best workers in the business.
I've got no beef with Cena the wrestler or Cena the person.  He has great matches and he's one of the most positive role models in wrestling history.  It's 100% the dorky character that's the issue with him.  He almost always delivers in big matches and can be carried to greatness.  He doesn't even rate with the all time best WORKERS, though, because he doesn't work other styles very well and needs someone better than him to get past *** or so.  The Henry match was about his ceiling these days when he's with a lower level worker.  I'd put him on par with Batista or later era HHH…smart enough to work around their own limitations but not good enough to fake a ****+ match out of them.

Cena/Bryan/Orton and the Cena Factor

Got to totally disagree with your comment about the whole "Bryan beats Cena only to be beaten by Orton after the match" scenario. Partly because it violates the rule that Cena must ALWAYS be the center of attention in the WWE. 

A more likely scenario is this: Orton cashes in his MITB briefcase against Cena before the PPV. Vince makes him do it (because he's pissed Bryan was picked as his opponent) or Orton does it because he can't get a match signed at the PPV, or because Orton realizes that Bryan knows he'll cash in if he wins the match, so he does the opposite and forces a confrontation at the PPV, by cashing in at the PPV.

Orton beats Cena, cheating to do so and basically then losing the belt to Bryan at Summerslam. Cena can go into Summerslam, perhaps going up against the Wyatt clan as part of a six man tag, with Kane and R-Truth and a mystery partner who turns out to be Cena.

This way, per the logic that Cena must be the center of the universe, after Summerslam, Cena vs Orton becomes the main feud as he seeks to avenge his title loss to Orton. Bryan gets the CM Punk treatment, going down into the undercard to fight Ambrose, Axel Curtis, etc and treated as an afterthought by everyone because only Cena matters. 

You're right, Jesse, that's a far more likely and logical scenario.  I don't know what I was thinking this morning.  

Cena vs Michaels

I know WM23 was supposed to be Cena v HHH 2 and fell through. What I don't get is why they went face v face in that instace. I know its been done, but this seems different, without the torch passing of 6 or the inevitability of 17.

I think it was because
a)  The direction was roughly moving towards a Cena v. DX storyline.
2)  They needed someone who people who would buy in the main event of a Wrestlemania.
c)  They wanted a great match.  
Shawn meets all of those criteria.  It remains the highest WM buyrate in history so obviously it worked fine.  

Cena v. Bryan

So sure, is Cena actually going to tap out to Bryan? Probably not. But I still think there’s a good chance Bryan gets a win via some sort of Bret Hart-esque reversal-into-small-package, or Cena passes out in a No-Lock. Something clean that puts Bryan over, but Cena continues to “Never Give Up.”

I think I accidentally downvoted you because I’m still learning to navigate on the iPad keyboard, sorry. Anyway, given my experience with WWE-ese and translating their storylines, I’m actually thinking Bryan v. Cena at Summerslam is going to be split with Vince on Cena’s side and HHH on Bryan’s side, with Vince basically doing like MITB ‘11 and threatening to fire Cena if he loses to midget Bryan.  Because people are gonna boo Cena anyway, so might as well align him with Vince, and as a bonus HHH gets to align himself with hot new thing Daniel Bryan and thus take credit for it.  So HHH can help Bryan win to further his feud with Vince (because Vince has established that he doesn’t want Bryan winning), Cena has an out for a rematch, and Bryan actually kind of gets the rub by being part of the Tippy-Top Guys Club.  By WWE logic, it actually would make sense. 

Cena ain’t turning

> Here you go, so the BODers don't get their hopes up over the next 24 hours. Cena on ESPN.com when asked about turning heel:
> "I just don’t see me getting there in order to please a very small group of 30-year-olds. To be very honest with you, every single week I meet kids with life-threatening illnesses and they’ll tell me how much I mean to them, and their parents will tell me how inspirational I’ve been to their kids. We raised a million dollars last year for breast cancer. I’m helping spearhead the Hurricane Sandy relief fund at this year’s WrestleMania. I’ve been able to give back to the military in Tribute to the Troops. And I’m currently working on a program to help America shave 5 million pounds. All of this stuff I would have to stop if I was a “bad guy.” To be a bad guy, you actually have to be a bad guy. I just don’t have it in me, personally. So although you might get a great story out of it for nine months, doing it would just take away so much, and I don’t have that club in the bag."
> Link: http://espn.go.com/blog/playbook/fandom/post/_/id/20444/wrestlemania-29-john-cena-talks-the-rock
> Done and done — and Damn him for calling us out. The character will remain the doppelganger to 97 Bret Hart. To be fair, I'm 38.  But he speaks the truth.

Crowd reactions at WM for Rock & Cena

I have no interest in watching Rock/Cena wrestle again. But I am actually interested to see how the NYC/WrestleMania crowd reacts. So what do you think is going to happen?

I ask because I think the NYC crowd is going to be 100% behind Rocky. I was at Raw Monday night in DC (and THANK GOD the tix were free) and it was like 90-95% against Cena. A far cry from the rough 50-50 split at the last WWE show I went to.

Yeah, you'll note they're not even putting up the facade of "Team Edward/Team Jacob" this year.  Cena is clearly going to get booed out of the stadium and will hopefully play heel to adjust.  
Far more intriguing to me is the Brock-HHH reactions, because it's a market where people love someone like Brock, and HHH doesn't generally deal well with crowds reacting to him differently than he tells them.  That one could get ugly.

Undertaker vs. Cena

I'll keep it quick.

How about this: Cena merely teases heel turn against Rock.

At WrestleMania XXX, it's Taker vs. Cena. Say, for the title. Cena is the one to end the streak only via the WMX7 ending with the help of, say, COOHHH, who forms an unholy bond because it's "for the business". The duo go on a reign of terror of great magnitude.

…Or, bad idea?

I feel like "Cena heel turn" is getting near the same level of "Rebooking the Invasion" or "Montreal was a work" here on the blog.

The Only Review of the John Cena Experience Blu-Ray That You’ll Ever Need

not much to be said about John Cena that hasn’t been said before. He’s
literally been the top guy in the company for 8 years, and honestly, there’s no
end in sight. While we’re all sick of his act, there’s one thing you can’t
deny; he’s one hell of a stand-up guy and a great wrestler. I truly wish he was
around when I was a kid so I had a proper hero. There was a good year when I
was bullied a lot, and I can honestly say if I was watching John Cena, I
wouldn’t have let them push me around like they had. So, while we all scream
for him to turn heel, I can clearly understand why he hasn’t yet. I mean, who
wouldn’t mind sleeping on top of a pile of money surrounded by many beautiful
The documentary isn’t your standard, as that was all covered in
his previous release, My Life. This time around we follow John around while he
gets ready for WM 26. It’s actually a pretty interesting documentary, and
something I hope they follow up with for other superstars. As you may know, I
don’t dwell on the documentary portions of these releases, because people
simply want to know if it’s good or not, and then skip down to the match
reviews. So, without further ado:

John Cena vs. Kurt Angle – No Way Out – February 20, 2005

It’s ridiculous how much cooler John was back then than he is
now. Although that whole Ruck Fules thing was rather stupid. Match starts off
with Kurt working the arm and neck. Cena soon grows tired of that and gets
aggressive, which works until Kurt suplexes him into the turnbuckle. I always
loved moves like that, especially the powerbomb one they had in WrestleMania
2000. The start was a bit slow, but after that the match really started picking
up, and by the end they’re putting on an f’ning show.

Cena delivers the FU to Angle and grabs the pin at 19:21 |

John Cena [C] vs. Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels – Taboo Tuesday
– November 1, 2005 – WWE Championship
This match is ridiculously fast and detailed. A lot of Triple Threat matches,
especially in WWE, it’s one guy is down, 2 guys fight, and so forth. But almost
from the get go, all three men are in the ring with an obscene amount of
reversals, chain-movements, and almost Hollywood-esque choreography. Once it
does get to the usual way of doing things, it’s no complaints, as any combo of
these 3 wrestlers is great. A shame it didn’t headline a more serious PPV or
was given more time. Good stuff.
John delivers the FU to Shawn for the pin at 16:42 | ***1/2

John Cena vs. Edge [C] – Royal Rumble – January 29, 2006 – WWE

John gets his own entrance ramp that’s equipped with confetti
cannons, just like the one’s real gangbangers use. There isn’t much to say
about this match, as it’s a pretty average Cena-Edge match that will fit nicely
among the thousands of others they’ve had, but nothing that helps it stand out.

Edge taps out to the STFU at 14:02 | ***1/4

John Cena vs. Edge – Tribute To The Troops – December 25, 2006

Speaking of the thousands, it’s an average TV match that would
make for a fine main event any Monday night, but I wouldn’t call it DVD worthy.

eats an FU and pin at 7:32 | ***

John Cena & Shawn Michaels [C] vs. Rated RKO – RAW –
February 26, 2007 – WWE Tag Team Championship

For some reason it seemed that during the entire run of Rated
RKO they wanted to focus on the two not trusting each other, which was
something I never understood. The main reason why is because they’re a solid
tag-team, and one that you could truly believe stood a chance against guys like
Cena & Michaels, or DX. Great match with everyone doing their part, and
Rated RKO making sure without a shadow of a doubt that they could take the
titles from the WM23 Main Event Tag-Team. They didn’t, but at least there was
the possibility.

Orton eats a Superkick & FU after about 13 minutes | ***1/2

John Cena [C] vs. The Great Khali – One Night Stand – June 3,
2007 – Falls Count Anywhere for the WWE Championship

This was a small window of time that was pure crap for the WWE.
We’d just come off a great WM with number 23 and the Backlash that followed.
Now we enter the time when Khali was main eventing, and Vince was the ECW
champion. This is hands-down Khali’s best match, and it’s no surprise that Cena
is the one to get it done. They were smart by not keeping it in the ring, and
constantly having John be chased while trying to use whatever he could find to
take down Khali. The Super-FU was great, and a perfect way to serve up the Punjabi
Playboy’s first pin-fall loss. 
Khali takes a Super-FU and a pin at 10:31 | ***

John Cena [C] vs. Bobby Lashley – Great American Bash – July 22,
2007 – WWE Championship

Lashley got the upper hand on John from the get-go with his
knowledge of amateur wrestling, and then once things picked up, he kept his
momentum with a number of power moves. Great moment where Lashley goes for the
spear, only to have Cena turn it into the STFU in the middle of the ring,
forcing Bobby to literally crawl the entire length with Cena on his back until
he hit the ropes. A great outing for a rookie like Lashley, as Cena helped him
look like a million bucks, and there was no shame in his loss. Good stuff,
Lashley takes a top rope FU, then gets pinned at 14:52 | ***1/2

John Cena [C] vs. Randy Orton – SummerSlam – August 26, 2007 –
WWE Championship

2007 Orton was on a tear. He had great run with Rated RKO,
including some matches against Edge, he then had this great one against Cena,
followed by winning the title in an awesome LMS in September. He held his own
against Shawn at Cyber Sunday, and followed that up with a fantastic match
against HBK at Survivor Series of that year. At the beginning you have a
feeling that Orton isn’t really a threat. He appears too young, he’s smaller
and over-tanned, but then he just lets loose and dismantles Cena, proving he’s
not just a threat, he’s a guarantee. Orton has won titles before, and even
though he lost here, tonight was the night he proved without a doubt that he
belonged at the top rung.

Cena catches Orton with an FU and pin at 21:19 | ****

John Cena vs. Triple H [C] – Night of Champions – June 29, 2008
– WWE Championship

Cena loses, then Triple H takes the belt over to Smackdown.
Geez, Triple H looks like he’s been using deck-stainer as a self-tanner. The
match tells a great story with Cena having a lackluster 2008 so far, and
wanting to bring the title home to Raw. However, Triple H has his number for
most of the match, constantly cutting off his momentum gains, while avoiding
any big guns from Cena’s arsenal. After a clean defeat, Cena’s 2008 continued
to falter. 
Triple H hits the Pedigree & pins Cena at 19:37 | ****

John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels – Raw – January 26, 2009

This was during the time that Shawn Michaels was under the
employ of JBL. The angle was pretty decent, but could have been a lot better if
their blow-off match wasn’t *1/2. I remember tuning in specifically for this
match because of the last 2 encounters these guys had. Unfortunately, this one
doesn’t hold a candle towards its predecessors. The focus of the match is more
about HBK & JBL than it is HBK & Cena. Where the other 2 matches felt
like each guy was fighting for his life, this one felt more like they were just
wrestling a main event on Raw. Bit of a let-down.

Cena hits the FU & pins Michaels at 13:09 | ***

John Cena vs. Jack Swagger – Raw – April 13th, 2009

The winner gets the show they represent two picks for the draft.
I really expected this to be a major squash, instead, Swagger hangs on for
quite a while, and even handles himself really well. With this, and the
fantastic match he had with Christian at Backlash 2009, I would have thought it
would earn him a lot more than a Ronnie Garvin title run. Watching this reminds
me of something I read in The Death of WCW. Eric Bischoff was doing an online
chat and someone asked why Nitro always looks the same. Bischoff responded by
saying that everything across the board was up, so yeah, they must be doing
something wrong. This Raw is almost 4 years ago, and not only does it look
exactly the same, it sounds and feels exactly the same as it does now. They
need to freshen things up drastically, and soon. As for the match, great stuff
that had Swagger looking like a million bucks. Something like this would have
made a lot more sense the Raw before Elimination Chamber. 
Swagger taps out to the STFU at 8:18 | ***1/4

John Cena vs. Big Show – Judgment Day – May 17, 2009

There’s really nothing to say about this match. Big Show does the whole “I’m
super mean, and super mad, and you can’t hurt me” deal, as he squashes Cena for
most of the match. Then we have flashes of Cena putting the hurt on Show, and
the announcers do the “Oh snaps! He can be hurt! But we know John can never do
the FU! EVER.” despite Cena not only doing it to him, but doing it while Edge
was on his fucking back only 2 months prior. Why include this instead of the
insanely more entertaining LMS match with Edge from Backlash is beyond me.

Cena hits the FU and pins Show at 14:57 | *

John Cena vs. The Miz – Raw – June 29, 2009

This is a pretty typical Raw main event, with nothing too
spectacular to speak of, except the fact that Miz is dressed like a go-go dancer.
Thankfully it’s better than their WM match, but that isn’t saying much.

Miz taps out to the STFU at 10:40 | **

John Cena [C] vs. Shawn Michaels vs. HHH – Survivor Series –
November 22, 2009

Fantastic beginning as Shawn superkicks HHH right out of the
ring. After Cena & Shawn do their part for a while, there’s a brilliant
spot where Triple H saves Shawn from an FU Through a table, so he can put him
through it with a spinebuster. Awesome. They all trade off in combos, and each
portion is just as good as the last. This really is a hell of a match, and
probably the most creative triple threat I’ve ever seen. Insanely entertaining
with a hell of a finish.

Triple H eats a Superkick, and then Cena gives Shawn the FU,
landing on Hunter, allowing Cena to pin HHH at 21:13 | ****1/2
Blu Ray Exclusives:

John Cena [C] vs. Chris Jericho – Tribute To The Troops –
December 19, 2009 – WWE Championship
Nothing to report, really. I don’t know why they included this
one instead of their gem from the 2008 Survivor Series. They trade a few moves,
Jericho leaps from the top rope, Cena catches, rolls, FU, end of story.

Jericho eats an FU and a pin at 7:53 | **

John Cena vs. Batista [C] – WrestleMania XXVI – March 28, 2010 –
WWE Championship

The entrance stage for WM 26 is absolutely ridiculous. Batista
is a savage and is out to do nothing but hurt, these intentions are displayed
clearly while he does things like a running clothesline to the back of Cena’s
head, and a DDT that has John in clear pain after trying an FU. Cena responds
perfectly by refusing to break the STFU once Batista hits the ropes, or hitting
him with a top rope 5 Knuckle Shuffle. These two just work great together.
Nothing flashy, nothing detailed. Just two guys trying to break each other’s
bones. Cena proves why he’s the man as he poses and smiles with the people in
the front row who have home-made Cena Sucks t-shirts.

Batista taps to the STFU at 13:31 | ****1/2

Showcase Showdown: One hell of a set. The documentary portion
was really interesting, and something completely different from what’s come
before. I’d like to see more like this, honestly. I tell you what, after my
first round of signing 3,000 autographs in one session, I’d change my name to a
The match selection is great, and gives you a pretty good variety as far as
opponents are concerned. Of course, there are some major omissions, (I Quit
with JBL, TLC with Edge, WM23 & Raw against Shawn) but the first 2 on that
list were on Cena’s My Life DVD, and the Raw match can be found on Heartbreak
& Triumph. There’s still a ton of matches for future releases; his Survivor
Series match against Jericho, the triple threat from Backlash 2005, the two
four-man matches from Backlash 2007 & Backlash 2008, and the list goes on
and on. Because at the end of the day, we may be sick of his character, but he
always delivers in the ring. Definitely a set worth picking up.
As always, props to my editor, Steven Ferrari. I met him while I was battling Toka & Razor. They threw me through a wall and there was Steven, performing on stage. 
I’ve got more work at…
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Any questions, mailbag, or requests, let me know in the comments or hit me up at [email protected]

– Caliber Winfield

“Rumble Winner should get to be John Cena for a year”

I was reading this article at work today (http://withleather.uproxx.com/2013/01/royal-ramble-an-op-ed-on-the-royal-rumble#more-103324) and wasn't particularly interested until I got to end:

"How do you craft a reward that’s on the same level with a win like the Royal Rumble when you’re giving that same reward to John Cena on a biweekly basis? Well, maybe that’s the solution. Maybe instead of a title shot at WrestleMania, the winner of the Royal Rumble just gets to be John Cena for a year, with unlimited title shots and the ability to kick out of everybody’s finisher all the time. I’d watch it."

BRILLIANT! How could anyone complain if the part of John Cena is played by more interesting characters?  What say you?

-Ronnie Vod

C'mon now, just because Cena failed at the MITB cash in, and at Summerslam, and at Night of Champions, and at Survivor Series, and failed at winning Dolph's briefcase, doesn't mean he shouldn't get another 12 shots next year.  Be fair to Cena!  
I would love to see someone like Zack Ryder pick that as a reward sometime, though.  

Cena post Mania

Hey Scott,

  I love your blog, I check it daily. I really want ask you a question
even though you must get hundreds, dare I say, millions of these
everyday…but here it goes: What in god's name is Vince and The WWE
going to do with John Cena post-Mania as champion that they haven't
already done in his past 10 title reigns? Obviously, I'm assuming that
they are going to go through with the Rock dropping the title to him
at Mania this year. I feel like it's a lock. So, if that is so…who
the hell is he feuding with that we haven't seen? Who is over enough
to feud with him? What type of circumstances would be interesting? I
mean we have to factor in who he has already feuded with, title or
not, AND he's not TURNING heel. So, where does that leave us? I mean,
aside from turning the channel to ESPN or a Walking Dead rerun.

Let it play out and see where it goes.

Punk/Ryback – Cena Heel Turn

Hey Scott,

Would a Cena heel turn on Ryback be a good way to spark some interest in Cena, keep Ryback strong and MAKE him in the process? I mean, obviously nothing is ever set in stone in terms of something getting over, but it just seems that if Cena screwed Ryback and shook hands with Punk and Heyman it would instantly make Ryback the number 1 babyface and could lead to Ryback "hunting" Cena down.

Of course, we've all thought about the Cena heel turn over and over and the odds of it happening are slim to none … but it would be different at least.

Plus, what's the best way to get the crowd to HATE Punk? Put him with a heel Cena. Now the kids hate him AND the marks hate him.

Food for thought.

– Randyback

Holy god dude, they are practically running panic drills because Cena can't make it to the PPV and they have no backup #2 babyface ready, and you think they're gonna turn him HEEL?  Now?  No way, man, if anything they're gonna push Cena even HARDER as a squeaky clean babyface because they think the Earth will fall into the sun if he doesn't main event every PPV, preferably while making Punk look like a doofus.  If anything, they'd turn Ryback heel to set him up for Undertaker, but the Cena turn ain't ever happening.  Sorry.

Fwd: Cena enagages in twitter war with WWE website

———- Forwarded message ——— Who knows is this is a work or not, but this series of tweets is kind of amusing.  It starts here: https://twitter.com/JohnCena/status/248517045417820160 Some #jackwagon from @wwe dotcom apparently posted me recovering in 14 days. I spoke in depth with my surgeon Dr James Andrews….And he specifically told me due to the amount of fragmentation, SIX WEEKS is a safer time table for recovery. I apologize on behalf of a Website whos credibility is now equal to #theonion please @wwe web guys, get your monkey frankin facts straight! ———————— Makes me wanna buy the PPV!   Oh wait, no it totally doesn't.