Brock v. Cena

From the daily update:

Yeah NOC did terrible business, so I can't remotely understand why they are going to rerun it a bigger show? Have Lesnar fight anyone else. Shit I'd be more interested in seeing what kind of match he could have with big show over cena part 4 as a placeholder to mania.

Here's the deal with their thinking according to Meltzer:  Brock Lesnar costs them a bazillion dollars a match, so the only chance they have at recouping their costs in the deal is to put him in the ring with the biggest star they have available at the time (or on the outside have him completely destroy a minor star like Big Show) and at the moment that would only be John Cena.  They're not paying him all that money to make other guys into stars, because that's not their mindset.  If Rock was around, or Batista, for example, that would be justifiable.  Anyone under that level, to them, is just making Brock less special.
NOW, that being said, I think they're full of crap because the way that wrestling is supposed to work is that the bigger stars use their star power to make the smaller stars into bigger ones.  But when you're booking for investors and using soap opera writers, obviously that mindset kind of gets lost in the shuffle.  

    Cena v. The Streak

    This may have been addressed before, but what the heck.
    For the last couple of years on the BOD,  and most other wrestling sites for that matter,  the prospect of Cena/Taker at WM was bandied about once the road to wrestlemania began to coalesce.  Obviously,  between the streak ending and Taker appearing to be finished, it's never going to happen. Question is, in which year do you think it would have made the most sense to do it,  do you think it would have lived up to the hype, and would you have had Cena end the streak. Cheers
    ​THE STREAK IS NEVER GOING TO … oh, wait, never mind.
    I think the second Cena-Rock match should have been Cena-Undertaker, personally.  Would have been the perfect way to cap off Cena's Worst Year Ever redemption arc where he has to do the one thing no one else can in order to come all the way back from the depths of losing to Brock Lesnar (assuming he had lost to Brock, of course).  And yes, I would have had him break the streak there knowing that Taker was so broken down that he'd have that shit performance against Brock the next year.  ​

    Cena and cognitive dissonance



    I know that Cena sells a shit-ton of merch and helps leukaemia -riddled children realise their dreams, BUT…
    Has anyone tried to explain to Vince the cognitive dissonance that his product currently produces? If anyone who hasn’t tuned into the product for a while decides to switch on to RAW, they see a product where the supposedly biggest face gets booed by (at least) half of the audience. As humans, we are naturally naturally inclined to side (albeit subconsciously) with the majority… easily done in the Attitude era where the main event was an easy to read dichtonomy of Austin (near-ubiquitously loved) vs Corp Champ (almost universally hated). But if you’re an irregular viewer (who perhaps recognises the Cena ‘brand’) who tunes into RAW, what are you supposed to think? Being an uncertain viewer makes mainstream viewers… uncomfortable at best. How are they supposed to accurately assimilate that kids and marks love him but smarks think he’s a dick?
    Long term, wouldn’t it be better to abandon the Cena-as-almighty-face angle and sell him as a heel, so the audience could eagerly begin to boo him and the product would seem more consistent to new or re-visiting viewers? Isn’t there an argument that a well done heel turn can achieve more at the gate than a stale face streak? (See: Hogan 1994 vs 1997)? Would it not go some way into cementing the audience?

    ​No, quite the opposite.  Smarks would start cheering him for being cool again and marks would boo him.  Same dynamic, but now you lose millions of merchandising dollars.  I don't think there's any real solution to the Cena issue.  One of these days he'll blow out a muscle that steroi…er, hustle and loyalty won't be able to fix and then he'll become the ultimate ambassador of the product for the rest of his life.  ​

    Kid in Cena match

    I thought it was worth pointing out that the kid from the Cena / Bray cage match is actually kind of famous. He is in a very popular NFL Play 60 commercial with Cam Newton that airs constantly during the NFL season. He is also the real life son of former WWF personality Jameson from Prime Time. I'm not sure if it was reported in the NEWZ but I thought it was a cool tidbit worth pointing out. 

    White Thunder

    Oh great, now he'll be winning the Rumble next year, I bet.   

    Foley on Cena

    Hi Scott,

    Hope all is well. Check out Foley's comments on last night's Cena/Bray segment:

    "But, as good as it was, I could not fully enjoy the brilliant, chilling segment – one of the most memorable things I've seen on Raw in tears, because of …because of…because of those WRISTBANDS! Because of those wristbands…and the HAT! AND the bright green FLUORESCENT SHIRT! …. I couldn't help but feel that "He's trying to sell me something". Every time he waved his cap, I thought, "he's trying to sell me a hat." Every time he walks through that curtain, I get the feeling he's trying to sell me something."  

    Foley is right! How can anyone take this storyline (or any Cena storyline) seriously when all you ever think when you see Cena on screen is that he's become a neon sign for new merchandise.  Your thoughts???
    ​He's doing a hell of a job, judging by his merchandise sales.  ​

    Cena vs Bryan

    I know you are probably tired of this topic but I still can't believe this company wouldn't capitalize on Bryan's popularity at Mania.  It is about 99% that we are getting Orton vs Batista for the title at Mania and it boggles my mind that they would rather run that match when they have a huge rematch in Cena vs Bryan right there for the taking on a silver platter(Cena wins Sunday, Bryan wins Rumble…simple).  The Mania crowd would go absolutely insane for that main event.  And we all know Orton vs Batista will be Orton vs H and Jericho vs H all over again.  There is no way this company DOESN'T think the fans, especially the Mania crowd, will take a huge dump on that match.  I just can't believe they would bypass a huge opportunity like this.  Bryan finally winning the title would be a huge 'Mania moment'  I can't think of a better way for Mania to end other than all those fans chanting 'YES' as loud as they can as the show goes off the air.

    They can still do Batista vs Orton.  Have Orton lose and cost Batista the Rumble win.  Again, simple.  I know Vince is stubborn but how could he not see this?  Take the crowd reaction to the ending of RAW a few weeks ago(Bryan turning on the Wyatts) and multiply that for Mania.  I just think WWE is missing a huge opportunity here.  Any thoughts?

    I'll be glad when the Rumble's over and we'll know one way or another what's happening.

    Undertaker v. Bryan, Cena v. Punk @ WM 30

    Is it just me or do those seem like the $$$ matches for the show?  Evil Daniel Bryan with Bray Wyatt v. Undertaker and Cena vs. Punk for the WWE World title. Orton main eventing in the WWE World title match against anyone will be shitted on.  Orton can easily drop the title to Cena, Punk wins the Rumble.  This is the closest thing WWE has to Rock-Austin.   Orton can face Batista in a lower card match since that match is easy enough to build without being for the title.  I know WWE seems set on Lesnar v. Taker but that too seems like a match that won’t be interesting in its build and won’t bring in ratings.  Put Lesnar up against an up and coming star instead that eliminates him in the Rumble (Sheamus, Big E, Ryback…).  Triple H also needs a match which would be the perfect opportunity for them to elevate a new star with Vince McMahon handpicking his opponent…  My ideal WM card:
    WWE World Title Match
    CM Punk v. John Cena
    Daniel Bryan w/Bray Wyatt v. Undertaker
    Triple H w/Stephanie McMahon v. Dolph Ziggler w/Vince McMahon
    Sheamus v. Brock Lesnar
    WWE Tag Team Title Match
    Real Americans w/Zeb Coulter v. Big Show & Rey Mysterio w/Hulk Hogan
    Randy Orton v. Batista
    US Title Triple Threat
    Roman Reigns v. Dean Ambrose v. Seth Rollins
    Cody Rhodes v. Goldust

    I don’t mind this lineup, actually.  Really like the tag title match and having Hulk seconding Rey and Show.   Kudos.   

    Cena as a heel

    Aside from a turn making no sense from a business stand point, I also don't think it makes sense from the stand point that a heel Cena was actually pretty terrible to be honest. Mind you I'm old school and prefer my heels making me want to legitimately hate them, not repeating their catch phrases or laughing at their raps. I just always felt Cena never had it in him to be a real true heel. If it didn't work 10 years ago why would anyone think it would work today?

    Interested in your thoughts on this.

    He's not turning heel.  Although you are objectively wrong if you think that the Doctor of Thuganomics wasn't awesome.  Cena's promo work on Monday and in previous times shows that if he wanted to be a true heel, he would RULE.  Hell, look up a clip of his OCD behavior with Nikki on Total Divas, where he's apparently a condescending dick.  That character, the corporate musclehead stooge super-jock who never let go of the high school pecking order, would be PERFECT for him.

    Greatest Randy Orton vs. John Cena Match?

    First of all, I loved the ending to Raw this week. It was a balls-to-the-wall ending that planted the seeds and foreshadowed things to possibly come. That said, I am not excited for this unification match. The unification of the titles is something  fans have looked forward to seeing for years, and the build just hasn’t come close to living up to the hype. It feels like just another PPV main event, to be honest.

    Anywho, what is the greatest Orton and Cena match in your opinions?  Personally, I have to go with their “I Quit Match” from Breaking Point 2009.

    Road-agents and wrestlers sometimes put a lot thought into the match and surprise me with their creativity. That is what happened on this night: They structured out a masterpiece that displayed a strategical plan and in-ring characterizations (two things that lack in modern wrestling imo.)

    Orton channeled something you’d see straight out of a horror movie, torturing Cena with painful devices and triggered his already injured head. Through the power of facial expressions and body language, he made it clear that his character was trying to do more than just win the match; it was trying to end Cena’s career.
    But as compelling as a character’s strengths are, its weaknesses are even more compelling. And, Orton’s weaknesses were exposed by Cena, even in a vulnerable situation, as Orton became too concerned with toying with Cena rather than finishing him off. That led to Orton receiving his comeuppance by hoisting on his own petard.
    This was a very well structured brawl, with good psychology and storytelling. Cena’s comeback being too abrupt, Orton tapping out a wee too quickly, and the lack of color are the only things holding this down from being a 5-star classic.

    FULL-LENGTH PPV MATCH – SummerSlam 2011 – John Cena vs. CM Punk – Undisp…

    WWE’s official YouTube account states that both Cena and Punk walked into SummerSlam as WWE Champion. That’s almost as good as if it were stated on the WWE App (a new way to watch television!).

    Nothing will ever be as good as being on the WWE App.  NOTHING.  

    Two years later and I still don’t even get what the purpose of the finish was supposed to be.  HHH screws over Cena for some reason and ends up in a feud with Punk over Nash texting himself?  

    Match was ****1/2, by the way, for those who have asked since I’ve never ranted on the show before.  

    Cena and Orton

    So, between them Cena and Orton have held:

    19 WWE Championships, 6 World Heavyweight Champions, 1 Intercontinental
    Championship, 3 United States Championships, 2 WWE Tag team Championships, 3
    World Tag team Championships, and won 3 Royal Rumbles. The FIRST of those
    titles was won in December 2003. Cena is still 36, Orton only 33.

    The obvious question…if YOU were booking WWE, would you keep going with what
    works(these two guys), or push someone new? It's clear that no one else can
    really do the business they can(including Daniel Bryan). But if something
    happened to one or both of Cena and/or Orton, what could they realistically

    To be fair, you forgot the 2 Money in the Bank wins between them.
    And nothing will ever happen to them, because in WWE-world everything good that happens remains that way forever and no one ever needs to think ahead and have contingency plans.  

    Cena Too Soon?

    Hey Scott;
    How about a trip down hypothetical lane?
    Is it possible they bring Cena back, just to get him on TV and maybe help bump a PPV buyrate and work a very safe and protective match for him? He can beat Del Rio for title, only to have ADR snap and bust his arm back up with his finisher sending Cena back to the sidelines to finish recovering? You can vacate the title or maybe have Sandow cash in on him after the ADR beat down.

    Just a thought.

    Wait, you want ANOTHER title held in abeyance?  It's gonna break Punk's longevity record at this rate.  
    Pretty sure Cena wins the title and they go the Sandow route, although rather than putting any heat on Sandow (BWAAHAHAHAHAHAH!) they'll put Cena with whatever jerk laid him out to cost him the precious title he cares so little about. 
    Or Sandow could just cash in and lose to Cena because SUPERCENA.  Either way.