QOTD 134: Saturday Morning Cartoons

The rare “X-men vs. Depth Perception” mini-series

On the left you’ll see the opening from the “X-men” series that ran on Fox for a few seasons and was really great for its time, though it was dwarfed by Batman: The Animated Series and tied with Spider-man if we’re being retrospective about it.

Funnily enough, in a world that is rapidly changing, it seems the Saturday morning cartoon is an enduring tradition.

What were your favorite Saturday Morning Cartoons, growing up, and do they hold up, now? 

(Cartoons do not, necessarily, have to air on Saturday morning to be discussed)
I was a big “Power Rangers” / “Transformers” / “Anything with giant robots punching each other” kind of guy, but was naturally enamored with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Preschool. I found some love for “Animaniacs” as a kid, but really didn’t understand their pure genius until college – instead tossing my hat in with “Hysteria!” which I think I’ve brought up before.

So what are your favorite cartoons and what are some underrated gems. I’d like to point out that “The Spectacular Spider-man” is probably my favorite incarnation of the wall-crawler to grace animated TV.