Mike Reviews: SMASH Wrestling “CANUSA Classic 2014”

Hello You!

Women’s wrestling (Most commonly of the Japanese variety) is quite popular on this here Blog, so this show seemed apropos as it features nothing but women’s matches. This was one of many shows that I bought from Smart Mark Video On Demand a while back during a splurge and I’ve never actually had a chance to watch it. I can only assume that I thought the main event looked intriguing and that’s why I gave it a go.

SMASH Wrestling is a company based out of Toronto that quite a few big indie names like Johnny Gargano have passed through over the years. Seeing as it’s based in Canada, it makes sense that they’d have a Canada Vs USA styled competition, as that’s always easy heat. This show is all women’s matches but SMASH does also have men wrestling for it as well. It’s nice they have a whole show for just the women though. I kind of wish WWE would bring back that concept as I enjoyed the Evolution Pay-Per-View.

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