RAW on Canadian TV

Just to clear up the RAW on TSN discussions that pop up from time to time…

“>Although I should note that the week after THAT is where RAW gets picked up in Canada by TSN and thus I’m able to watch it semi-live every week.
Huh? TSN started showing Raw in late 1994 didn’t they? I definitely started watching Raw in Early 1995 but who can remember which channel it was on.”
TSN showed edited versions of the show in death slots Saturday nights following the USA airing off and on from 94-95, but then lost the broadcast rights to the New VR in Ontario in 1995.  In July of 96 they bought back the rights for good and actually starting airing it on Monday nights, albeit taped delayed by two hours or so or even the next day sometimes.  At the end of 96 with the Mero-HHH title change they switched it to about an hour tape delayed, and finally in early 98 they went with a simulcast of the USA show and it stayed there until they got kicked off the station in 2006 for football.  
And to hit another question:
So what was WWF TV like in Canada between 1990 and 1996 when you could finally get RAW? Just WWF Superstars, and Challenge? Did you get All American (yes, I’m aware of th irony)/Mania/Action Zone? 

Just Superstars and Challenge, yes, although by 94 I had a big C-band dish in my backyard and I could watch all the USA shows.  Traditionally in Canada the syndicated show was rebranded into Maple Leaf Wrestling for distribution, although they dropped that by the 90s.  Typically we could just watch the American syndicated versions on the US network feeds anyway, so there was very little difference unless you were relying on an antenna for your TV programming.  And of course we had no access to USA Network up here, so Primetime/All American/etc had no coverage in Canada and things like Jamison meant nothing to Canadian viewers because we didn’t actually get the original shows that explained the joke.  

    WWE Network removes Canadian Geo-Blocking

    So for anyone who doesn't know yet, if you already have a WWE Network account in Canada, you no longer need DNS changers or Hola or whatever to access it.  With the Rogers deal now finalized, they have unblocked it for Canada, assuming you already have credentials.  You still need either Canadian Rogers account or a fake US billing account to actually get access, but once you do it's available without Unblock-US or whatever. Which means I can now watch on my iPad or phone outside my house!  I'm still using Unblock-US for Netflix and Hulu, but it's nice to have more options for the Network now.  

    Canadian Bulldog’s World plug request

    Dear Scott Keith,

    Canadian Bulldog here (don't pretend like you don't know who I am!!!). We were once Stampede North American tag team champions together – at least until that no good J.R. Foley sent his goons out to destroy us.

    Anyways…. I have written about professional wrestling since 2002, but today for the first time I have created my own website at http://canadianbulldogsworld.com. There is a "hype video" at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQMPOdUPZpA – but essentially the site's mission statement is that Wrestling Should Be Fun!!! 

    It's a mixture of squared circle memories and merchandise, and has been called "the best blog about wrestling ever! EVER!!!" by people such as Scott Kei….. er, I mean, various people.

    If you could please direct people to Canadian Bulldog's World I would be eternally grateful. I'd even be able to forgive you for missing the hot tag in '84.

    Canadian Bulldog

    That was, at best, a lukewarm tag and I think you know it.  Besides, you were holding me back anyway.  

    The Only Review of IYH: Canadian Stampede That You’ll Ever Need

    A great show, with perhaps the most over-rated main event in history. Join me, won’t you?

    I had this one sitting around, so I figured why not. Everyone seems to be into the old WCW/NWA stuff, so I’ll continue on that. Any requests for an earlier show, just let me know. Oh, and I know there was a request for Slamboree 1998, but since Scott is on a Scott Sez recap of 1998 WCW, I didn’t want to step on his toes.

    HHH vs. Mankind
    Mick controls the first half of the match with
    everything from over-the-turnbuckle flips to the channeling of Cactus Jack for
    an off-the-apron elbow. The match turns to HHH’s favor when they produce a
    moment we’d see hundreds of times in video packages, when Hunter whips Mankind
    towards Chyna, and she powerslams him into the stairs, causing some damage to
    his lower leg. Hunter works the leg, and it’s here we get a classic example of
    why Mick is one of the greats. HHH whips Mankind to the corner, but Mick just
    collapses, selling the leg so well. Few care about their craft that much. One
    thing I can say is that Hunter and Chyna were fantastic together. Hunter is an
    excellent prick at this point, and Chyna was a complete bitch, constantly
    injecting herself. Great stuff. As for the match, it’s fantastic. I understand
    they wanted to keep the ending as a goose egg for the blow-off at SummerSlam,
    and with the match as great as it was, I don’t mind. The pull-apart brawl at
    the end is awesome, and really has you believing these two want nothing but
    blood. Sometimes I forget how great the early Attitude Era could be. 
    Hunter & Mankind are both counted out at 13:14
    | ****

    We get some footage of the Hart Foundation and
    what was basically a week dedicated to them in their city. It’s actually sort
    of sad, knowing what happier times these were for them, and how bad things
    would get. 

    Taka Michanoku vs. Great Sasuke

    They start off hesitant of one another and work
    into a few submissions. The crowd is absolutely dead and doesn’t show any sign
    of life until Taka takes a spinning back-kick to the face. He deserves the pop,
    that kick looked brutal. Sasuke soon delivers another, in what’s seemingly turning
    into a kickboxing match. Taka brings the crowd to life when he leaps to the top
    rope and flies out to Sasuke, who’s retreated to the outside after a Dragon
    Screw Leg Whip [I wonder how Mrs. Rhodes dug that]. Back inside, they really
    bring out the flashy stuff that’s completely drawing the crowd in. Taka hits
    the Driver, almost scoring the pin. That seems to piss Sasuke the hell off, as
    he delivers a dropkick to Taka as he’s mid-air, and then soon a Scott
    Norton-esque powerbomb and then bridges for the pin. Some really good stuff
    that the crowd was dead for in the beginning, but Taka & Sas eventually had them
    eating right out of their hands. 
    Sasuke hits a Thunder Fire Bomb for the pin at
    10:00 | ***1/2

    Vader vs. The Undertaker [C] – WWE Championship

    It was supposed to be Ahmed but he’s out with a
    knee injury, so Vader takes his place. Sounds like a win to me. The Undertaker
    controls the beginning of the match with ease. Vader eventually gains control
    when Taker turns his attention to Paul Bearer, who’s on the outside. He keeps
    the abuse up, until he feels the need to do the ol’ Yokozuna nerve-pinch spot.
    The lamest spot in history? I stand firm that it is. Twice, Undertaker tries to
    mount a comeback, but Vader keeps him at bay. At one point, Vader straight up
    kicks Undertaker in his graveyard, and later he returns the favor by
    uppercutting Vader in his hangdang while he’s setting up for the Vaderbomb.
    Tombstone finishes what was surely a better match than anyone expected. From
    the reviews I’d read before, I was expecting more. This just didn’t have much
    going for it, as it really seemed like Vader was merely lucky when he got
    offense in, and was no real threat to The Undertaker. 
    The Undertaker Tombstones Vader for the pin at 12:39 | **3/4

    The Hart Foundation vs. Stone Cold, Goldust, LOD,
    and Ken Shamrock

    The Hart Foundation each get their own entrance,
    starting with Pillman and ending with Bret. The cheers keep building and
    building, and they’re all clearly enjoying the hell out of this, with Pillman seemingly
    having the time of his life. When Bret is beating Stone Cold down in the corner
    and spits on him here in the beginning, that’s hands down the biggest face heat
    I’ve ever heard in my life. They tag Shamrock in because someone in the back of
    the arena wanted to hear the spots. There’s a point where Pillman runs in to
    paint brush Shamrock, and you can see he’s clearly having an absolute blast
    with all the face heat. Later, the LOD put Owen through the Doomsday Device,
    with The Anvil breaking up the pin. I’d be thinking “Hey, where the hell
    were you about 10 seconds ago when I was clotheslined into a back-flip through the
    air?” Eventually, Owen is the one to pin Stone Cold, and thankfully end
    this. Look, I know there are some people who can actually sit there and give
    this 5 stars, but there’s NO WAY I could do that. I mean, a match with Goldust,
    The LOD, and Ken Shamrock that’s going for half an hour? No way. This match was
    insanely average, and insanely boring for the most part. There’s a reason why
    the WarGames were the WarGames and not just a 5 on 5 tag, because it wouldn’t
    have been that exciting. The heat was fantastic and such, and the beginning was
    great, but this went WAY too long. Austin vs. The Hart Foundation felt like a
    blood feud, the addition of the other four felt like nothing more than shoring
    up the sides. They didn’t have the heat that Austin organically had, and
    instead were booed by association. It really needed some other element to up
    the excitement. Again, we’re reminded how awesome Stone Cold used to be when he
    sneaks back by himself and just whallops Anvil with a chair. Definitely a match
    worth seeing for the crowd reactions. 
    Owen rolls up Stone Cold for the pin at 24:31 | ***

    Showcase Showdown: Just take a look at the
    numbers, it’s safe to say it’s one of the best PPVs of all time. Even though I
    don’t like the main event as much as others, I can’t deny how massive it was.
    It has the largest, off-the-charts heat that I’ve ever seen. The undercard
    is pretty damn great as well. I was hoping Taker vs. Vader would have delivered
    a bit more, but what we got was nothing to scoff at. Taka and Sasuke had a hell
    of a fight and brought something that most wrestling fans at that point had
    never seen. Through sheer innovation they brought the crowd to life for their
    match. Triple H and Mankind had one of their all-time best encounters, and showcased
    why the early Attitude Era was some of the greatest work in the history of
    Canadian Stampede is First Showcase all the way,

    Much respect to my editor, Steven Ferrari. He and I first met when I put the entire Mandelbaum family in the hospital, and they could no longer roll the crepes for their restaurant. Well, Steven knew some Cuban guys [who turned out to be Dominican Republic] who could roll’em, and tadow. Of course, that meant Fuj lost out to Neil, but Fuj is a known loser, so it’s expected. 

    Str8 Gangster, No Chaser
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    know how to act in certain situations, I pay tribute to the burliest of
    the burly from the 8-bit era, talk
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    of other goods.
    WCW In 2000
    – Recently updated with the infamous Bash at the Beach 2000, and the Nitro after. You know
    what’s shocking? The PPV is GOOD. No joke, it’s seriously good, and
    features the best match of WCW’s 2000 year so far. Also, the Nitro following is good. It’s genuinely creepy, I tell you.
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