Big Brother Canada – Triple Eviction

You've been pretty quiet regarding Big Brother on the blog.  What did you think about the Triple Eviction episode?

Usually twits can spice up a season but it really feels like BBCan has interfered way too much in the game this season, and it is nearly impossible to play strategically with all these unexpected twists without just getting lucky. I'd be surprised if BBUS Derrick could survive under all these ridiculous twists and interference.

Your thoughts?

I'm a day behind on viewing because I don't have cable any more, so first up thanks for not spoiling anything.  
This season has been getting progressively more annoying as it goes on, mostly because they're all a bunch of boring slobs who suck at comps and are handing the game to Zach and cowering in fear from him.  In general I don't mind producer interference if it means:
a)  Messing with the houseguests to punish them or just to drive them nuts.  Good examples would be the challenge where one person had to break into the vault and another person had to keep them from getting in, and neither person knew about the other.  The rodent scare from BBUS last season was one of the best ones they've done, as another example.  Making them work for furnishings and basic necessities was a GENIUS idea, and they dropped it after one episode!  
b)  Twists that are fair to everyone and reside within the rules of the game.  The ridiculous "double veto" fan-voting twist this season that production was barely even able to EXPLAIN before it went into effect was one of the worst ones ever.  

Now, for stuff like the triple eviction, that's a different layer of interference altogether.  This season has been VERY low-rated and apparently there's network pressure to just wrap it up already and free up the three days a week for something people will actually watch.  Having five minutes of recaps every episode isn't helping the excitement level, either.  And when was the last time we actually ended an eviction episode knowing who the new HOH was?  The production has been terrible this year, the challenges are looking cheaper as the season progresses, and everything is sponsored by someone in order to finance the show.  The timings on the episodes are all wrong, and you'll see stuff like production spoiling the POV winners in the "Coming up…" teasers at the beginning.  Just real bush-league errors that CBS hardly ever makes.  Not to mention editing the show into a series of "showmances" like the ridiculous attempts to make Willow and Sarah look like the lesbianest lesbians who ever lesbianed.  

So yeah, there's only two weeks left and I'll finish it, but GOD has this season sucked.  

Whither wrestling in Canada?

So….. TNA's new deal will have no Canadian exposure. The only exposure ROH has in Canada is  through US TV, assuming that you have access to a channel running it on your cable package. The only way to find Lucha Underground is to download it. And while we do still have Raw, Smackdown and Main Event on Sportsnet 360, I haven't been able to find NXT on 360 for weeks. Plus,  the Network in Canada is mostly unavailable, and handicapped.

Given that there seems to be a growing disenchantment with the the WWE product amongst anyone other than casual viewers, do you see some kind of option for Canadian wrestling fans in the near future? I know there is a couple fairly successful promotions in BC And Ontario, but they have no TV. Legend City Wrestling in Newfoundland has a half hour show on NTV, but it seems to be months, if not years, out of date. There used to be some viable options in The Fight Network and ESPN Classics, but most people don't have those stations (I dumped both of them, because the cost of paying extra for those stations and only watching 1 show on them was getting stupid. I know there is the option of Internet, but outside of big cities, that isn't an option (the only way I can get anything close to high speed is through Xplornet, which doesn't allow me to dupe DNS addresses to a US one to be able to use options like Hulu or Network faking).

Is there a desire, a fanbase and enough talent for a viable Canadian alternative to the WWE's monopoly in Canada?

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Good question.  ROH is actually fairly easy to access, given that it's on most cable systems up here via FOX Rochester or Buffalo.  WWE barely even runs shows up here anymore, as they haven't been here in Saskatoon since 2011 and ran Regina once last year, I think.  The bigger cities like Vancouver and Toronto will get one show a year typically, but everyone else seems to be on a once per two years schedule.  So it's kind of no wonder that the fanbase is getting eroded.  That being said, I think fans are satisfied with the amount of wrestling currently on TV from WWE, and it would be more beneficial to get them to expand their live event schedule.  There's been lots of smaller indies popping up, but the population is way too spread out to do anything nationally.  

WWE’s big fuck you to Canada

I like many others have figured a way around the system and have been using the WWE Network for the past six months.

It's great don't  me wrong… but I cannot believe the way this thing is being rolled out in Canada.

Only on Rogers??? Can't watch via gaming consoles, Apple TV, phones etc. etc. Who is running this fucking company?

This is something that has been going on for years! RAW hasn't been to Toronto since 08 or 09, and it used to be one of the hottest WWE towns. 

Why do you think they are giving Canada such a kick in the ass? Is it really something as petty as the whole "Bizzaroland" cheer the heels, boo the faces bullshit, that they pump up so big every night after Wrestlemania???

Toronto has hosted two of the most successful Wrestlemanias ever, and all it gets is house shows with main events of Big Show vs Kane in a cage match.

Do they hate us that much? I just don't understand how they could make a business decision like this especially when the Network has been somewhat of a flop (subscriber numbers wise). 

​It's hard to blame WWE specifically.  Basically Rogers drove a dump-truck of money up to their door and WWE would have been stupid not to take it.  The fault here lies with the cable company and the CRTC for allowing this sort of nonsense to occur in the first place.  But WWE hasn't even run here in Saskatoon since 2011, for example, and they no longer do TV in Alberta like they used to.  So yes, it would appear they're just holding a petty grudge, as we suspected they do.  ​

The WWE Network Launches In Canada *

*card subject to change.
Anyone in the limited area covered by Rogers actually trying the Network in Canada today?  My thinking would be that anyone who is aware of it already has it through other means, but I’m curious just how much they hacked out of the on-demand selection to make it “The Best of WWE Network.”  
Also, the awkwardness if they ever tape TV in Canada outside of Ontario again is going to be funny.  “Subscribe now…if you live in the US or a different province.  And it’s a different price.  But $9.99!”
Edit to add:  The content list has been revealed.  And it’s bad.

Why WWE Network doesn’t like Canada?

Been following your updates on the new network, and wishing I had high speed access to make this a reality. However, I've noticed that you have to do some DNS spoofing to get the WWE Network to work in Canada. Why is that? Is it the same reasoning as why we can't access video from most US TV sites (and why Netflix in Canada can be kind of sucktastic), namely being the draconian  CRTC Can-Con policies? I can understand this with first-run stuff that you could be paying satellite providers to watch (well…. actually, I can't, but whatever), but with this not being a "real" television network….. How difficult would it be to sort out the royalties so that true "region-free" viewing could some day be supported? Or, is the WWE planning to roll out a "WWE Network Canada" at some point, to get around this restriction? Considering that some of their greatest stars of the past and today are Canadian, it would seem that they are throwing money away by not having an option available to Canadian fans. If they were to start showing old episodes of Stampede Wrestling on the network (as I'm sure they will soon enough), I would be RABID at having to technically engage in mail and communications fraud to be able to watch them.

It's a matter of TV rights as far as I know, because Sportsnet 360 has exclusive broadcast agreements with them in Canada and they'd have to get around that before launching the network up here.  It probably has to do with their PPV agreements, too.  Canadian content wouldn't be an issue because it's already been established that the CRTC can't mandate the internet.  
And WWE has been saying all along that it'll launch in Canada at the end of the year, so obviously they have plans in place to make it happen.  I wouldn't panic.  That's why I'm so happy it's the way it is, because a "real" network wouldn't launch up here for YEARS due to CRTC regulations and convoluted rights issues, if ever.  
Or you could just get it around like me and enjoy!

The WWE Network in Canada?

Hey Scott;
Apologies if you've already posted something like this, and bigger apologies for my technological ignorance.  But I was wondering if you could post a step-by-step walk through on how you were able to get the Network in Canada.
I understand there is a program to gain an American IP? Once youve done that do you need to install that on every device you wish to watch on? (Xbox, iPad, iphone etc) Or will you need to pay for a different IP for each device? Once this is done are you good to go or do you need an actual US mailing address? Can you pay with a Canadian VISA/Paypal?

Again, this is likely child's play for some people but I'm sure there are others like me out there who aren't sure about how to get this done.

Thanks for any help and keep up the great work!

Happy to help.  

1)  Subscribe to a DNS changing system.  The one I use is Unblock-US (  It'll cost you $4.99 a month, but it allows you access to all the regions of Netflix, Hulu, the major US network websites, and tons more.  They provide you with a pair of new DNS addresses, and you can either change them on individual devices (so you can watch Canadian content on, say, Xbox and US content on PS3) or just do like I do and change the DNS on your main router.  This will give you access on every device in the house.  

2)  To actually sign up for the Network, you'll need a US mailing address.  Any one will do, but the standard trick is to take the numbers from your postal code (mine would be 7, 0, 5) and then add numbers at the end to make a 5-digit zip code.  So for mine, I ended up with a town in Louisiana, and then it's easy to just look up a random address there.  Or you can do like every witty Canadian does and go with good old 90210.  

3)  Payment MUST be with Paypal, or a US-based credit card.  With Paypal, to play it safe, you should set it to debit from your bank account to further eliminate the possibility of matching you up with a Canadian address.  

4)  And you should be ready to go on the computer and iPad!  Apple TV will automatically give you the WWE App if you're on the US DNS.  To get it for Xbox (even though it's not working at the moment) you need to go into your system preferences and change your location to "United States".  I have a separate fake US Xbox account, but it doesn't seem to matter if I'm using it or not.  PS3 is a pain in the ass because you need to create a new PSN account with your fake US mailing address in order to have your region set as US, but once it's set up all your have to do is sign in with it and you'll be able to download all the US apps to your PS3 and then sign back in with your regular account again.  Once they're downloaded to the PS3 you can use either account to access them. 

And that should get you started until WWE wises up and closes the loophole.   

Do you watch big brother canada?

Hey Scott, it's PeteZahut from the blog comment section. I was curious if you have watched any episodes of Big Brother Canada? There was a contestant that got evicted recently named Peter. Peter is an avid Pro Wrestling fan and references CM Punk multiple times throughout the show including his exit speech by sitting Indian style, drawing in the sand, and even calling him and his friend from the game Alec (also evicted) the Shyled (spelled that way for some stupid reason). They even use the phrase "believe in the Shyeld. 

Keep up the hardwork man. We love you!

It's Shyeld with a "Y" because Y Not, Bro?  No, really.
Yeah, I've mentioned this season of BB a couple of times on the blog now, but I'm a hardcore Big Brother fan and I've been watching BBCan, of course.  Although the ENDLESS Jillian and Emmett HOHs (they've literally alternated something like 5 or 6 times now leading up to the finish) has sucked all the drama and entertainment away.  If Emmett doesn't win this thing 7-0 I will be totally gobsmacked.  Peter and Alec (and AJ as well) really are giant wrestling nerds, though, and might even be blog readers judging by how Peter talks.  It's very much a difference in Canada, where it's socially acceptable to watch wrestling for some reason.  Alec reminds me a lot of Edge, too, in his speech patterns and face.  
The season's been good, but way too "twisty" and showmancy.  I was disappointed when Peter was sent out, though, and there's no one left in the final four that I'm really cheering for or anything.  

Canada is Penniless

For those in the US who don't know, today marks the last day of the penny here in Canada, so from now on anyone wanting to offer their 2 cents on the blog will have to do so by electronic payment or round up to 5 cents.  I can't say as I'll miss the useless pennies weighing down my coat pockets, but I do find it weird that my daughter won't ever really know what a penny was. 
Farewell, one cent!