QOTD 115: Baby you can drive my Car…or Cahhh if you’re from my neck of the woods.

Today’s question comes from none-other than the Bat Mite to Scott Keith’s Mister Mxyzptlk, The Scotsman Himself…Scotsman…Scottserman!

“Whoever does the qotd – next one, do something about driving and how
good you are and talk about some crazy driving situation that occurred
where you showed off your leet driving skills(because obviously that’s
happened many times).”

Well Mr. Scottersman, since you introduced me to the world of management simulation games, diet water, and Online Poker affiliate programs, I shall oblige.

What are your best driver moments? Sick slides, drag races, Crazy accidents you walked away from, etc. What’s your dream car? What do you drive now? Are you a gear head? Top Gear (U.K), best show, or bestest show?!

I’m not a gear head so I don’t really have much to say in regards to driving ability or adventures or stories in which I was in control of the car – save for a time I was hooking up with a chick in the front seat and her thigh knocked over my rear view mirror and I had to drive home in a car with no inspection sticker, awkwardly trying to act like I was adjusting the damn thing for any passing cars in case they were a cop.

I do tend to like shows about cars, and really well done car chases – the big chase from Transformers 3 is actually pretty spectacular.

 If they eliminated all the Driving Test and News stuff from Top Gear and just did challenges and specials it would be fine by me.

I currently drive a Chevy Lumina, and before that a Red Cutlass Sierra with a rear-view mirror held on by gorilla glue and prayers.

My dream car is probably Optimus Prime.

or Hot Rod.