Battleground (Probably) Lowest Buyrate In History

I'm not sure if the article is behind the paid firewall or not, but looks like Battleground did around 110K-125K worldwide buys, which would make it the biggest flop in WWE PPV history, with the exception of the ECW December to Dismember disaster.  
So clearly, Abeyance = NOT A DRAW.
Although then Hell in a Cell appears to be up from last year, so maybe he is.  

The Wrestlemania Buyrate Prediction Pool

Time to get your picks in for the WMXXIX buyrate! Quick rules:

-nwa88 is running this whole thing, I’m just the one posting it, though I did come up with the original idea.  If there’s any disputes it’s his call.

-Polls close once the WM pre-show starts. Any entries after that will not count. Those who have already made their prediction (see below) are free to change it up until then.

-Duplicate picks are not allowed, and there is no tiebreaker.

-You have to state the values as
they would in the actual financials — to two decimals places (i.e.
1.358 million buys would not be a valid guess).

-As of right now there’s no prize for the winner other than bragging rights, though we’re working on getting Scott to do a rant or something for whoever wins.

 Here are the picks so far:

Ryan Murphy in for 2.1m
Ian Austin in for 1.9m
J.T. Murphy in for 1.6m
Rocks in for 1.51m
ThePat in for 1.5m
Andrew Dean in for 1.45m
Zanadude (a sarcastic or maybe not) in for 1.4m
Words Of Lightning in for 1.35m
KingDiamond03 in for 1.33m
chefazzy in for 1.32m
Tommy_Wiseau in for 1.31m
Scott Keith in for 1.3m
ONITA100 in for 1.29m
AmericanWolves02 in for 1.28m
Dynamic_dave in for 1.27m
20 Foot Ladder in for 1.26m
Marsolo in for 1.25m
Kbwrestlingreviews in for 1.24m
NewKidsOnTheBlog in for 1.23m
Voth22 in for 1.22m
JohnPetuka in for 1.21m
Slapdabass in for 1.2m
DrinkingMilk in for 1.19m
Kbjone in for 1.18
WaylonMercy24 in for 1.17m
Cabspaintedyellow in for 1.16m
Chris Olejko in for 1.15m
Bruce Chung in for 1.14m
Matthew Graham 1.13m
Mr_E_Mahn in for 1.12m
Eric Griffith in for 1.11m
The Fuj in for 1.1m
SlaughterRama in for 1.09m
Brickcity Pauly in for 1.08m
Hbkslush in for 1.07m
Nick Saikley in for 1.06m
Joe in for 1.05m
Rick Poehling in for 1.04m
YK2310 in for 1.03m
Kyle Warne in for 1.02m
Philippe Tca in for 1.01m
Flair4dagold in for 1m
pbreathing in for 999k
Mulkeymania in for 998k   
Chris Jordan in for 997k
MikeyMike2323 in for 996k
jvc113 in for 995k
MVPete in for 994k
Curtis Williams in for 990k
Ryan Norcross in for 986k
Greg Phillips in for 985k
Jobber123 in for 980k
WhoDatNinja 975k
MadDogJoeDeCurso in for 965k
Nwa88 in for 962k
Brian_Bayless in for 959k
JoseGomez in for 950k
Seth Thrasher in for 930k
Cultstatus in for 925k
Ziggaman730 in for 920k
Jeff Vinson in for 915k
theJawas in for 910k
Adam Curry in for 900k
Stuart_Chartock in for 885k
Worst_in_the_World in for 875k
Knuckleberry Pinn in for 825k
Gin Chan in for 800k
VintageGamer in for 750k
White Thunder in for 700k
Donald Paluga in for 575k

Extreme Rules Buyrate In

147K domestic, 109K international, for a total of 257K.  Last year’s show did 210K total, so Brock = 50,000 buys or about 2 million dollars in added revenue give or take.  Everyone involved should be VERY happy with that result.

On the flipside, the Wrestlemania buys continue to trickle in, and WWE very quietly revised their initial count of 1.3 million nearly 100,000 buys downwards, to 1.2 million instead.  So they don’t break the record, and in this case 100,000 buys is basically an entire B-show’s worth of revenue, so that’s a pretty major adjustment down. Could go lower when the official numbers come out next month, too.  

Let the Buyrate Beware

With the quarterly WWE earnings report came the buy totals for second quarter pay-per-views.  I think that everyone assumed that Capitol Punishment would be the dog-of-dogs, but in fact Over The Limit, headlined by a cage match with Cena, Miz, and Morrison, had only 140,000 buys (down from 197,000 in 2010), whereas the CP PPV with Cena vs R-Truth had 170,000 buys (compared to 143,000 last year, when the event was known as Fatal Four Way)  A 25% drop from the previous year was reversed into a 20% gain this year, and I don’t think that all of that can be attributed to abandoning the Fatal Four Way concept.
So it seems that the R-Truth experiment that pretty much everybody panned when his push started has been a success.  I don’t see them taking the focus off of Punk/Cena(/HHH) any time soon, but do you think the guy deserves to remain in the main event mix going forward?

Anyone new is always a good thing, but the whole “half-assed push for new guys” thing has become such a self-fulfilling prophecy that they had already undermined Truth’s push before they even got to the PPV.  Dave Meltzer talks about this at length in the new Observer, and the buys listed are worldwide.  Domestically both OTL and Punishment were unmitigated disasters, with Punishment in particular landing in fourth place overall on the biggest bomb scale.  It’s really international PPV buys that are keeping the concept alive at this point.  So hell yeah, put Truth or Morrison or Miz or whoever you want on top, it’s not like the numbers can get any worse.  Still no word on numbers for Money In The Bank yet, but Punk is not moving house show numbers at all, and we all know what ratings have been like, so those banking on him becoming the next Rock or Austin are in for a rude awakening.  House shows generally respond really quickly to a hot angle, and there’s nothing of the sort going on.  Here in Saskatoon, for instance, there’s a RAW show with Cena and Punk both advertised pretty heavily around town, and tickets aren’t moving at all.