Wrestling’s biggest busts

The recent thread about the least valuable players got me thinking:

Here in The 10States an always popular sports-related discussion is
who was the biggest bust among high draft choices in the NFL and NBA.
Who do you and the rest of the BofDers think was the biggest bust in
wrestling? I'll throw a few names out there just to get us all

Tiger Ali Singh: The guy who inspired me to write this email, and my
pick for the Ryan Leaf (I know you don't know who Ryan Leaf is, Scott,
but you and the rest of the non-American BODers, can look him up on
Wikipedia) of wrestling. Tons of hype, airtime, and money invested,
and he amounted to absolutely NOTHING, thanks to a total lack of

Teddy Hart: Talented, could make money just off being related to a
bunch of good workers, is now pretty much blackballed from wresting in
the US because he's a giant douche.

Mark Henry: Would have easily been #1 here if not for him getting
pretty decent over the last couple years. Even so, has not even come
close to making up the money that was invested in him, though he's
still got time.

Scott Hall: Not in the same league as the guys above, but still would
be considered a bust. Should have been a multiple-time world champ,
instead drug issues make him famous for either being second fiddle to
Kevin Nash or as a euphemism for being totally bombed. Seriously, even
most non-wrestling fans know what "He's drunker than Scott Hall"

Bam Bam Bigelow:Should have been great but somehow wasn't. I still
have no idea why… Yeah, he sucked on the mic, but that's why we have

I'm sure you and the rest of the blog can come up with much better examples.

Sup with the formatting, bro?  80 columns per line not good enough for you now?  
I'm gonna throw Sean O'Haire in there as a guy that should have gotten protection and a giant push when he jumped to WWE, especially considering the awesome character he was given, and instead they gave up on him incredibly fast even by their standards.  Also, Carlito was treated as a HUGE deal for the first few years of his run, winning the US title and IC title in his Smackdown and RAW debuts respectively, and of course fizzled out for reasons we all know by now. I kind of think they wanted to groom him to be the guy ADR is now.