Bump in the Road – Part 6: The Drop

Hey Scott,

Part 6 of Bump in the Road just went live. Could you do your magic and share it, please?

This is the final part of the series, not including the epilogue or afterword. I'll write and post that by this time next week. Naturally, I'm incredibly grateful to everyone who has enjoyed this series. I can only give my deepest and humblest thank you to everyone.

Nick Piers

Bump in the Road Part 5?

Hey Scott,

I e-mailed you earlier this week that the fifth part of Bump in the Road had gone up. I wasn't sure if you'd gotten it, though with all the stuff going on with Caliber, it wouldn't surprise me it got lost in the shuffle (along with the gaggle of other e-mails you get).

Anyway, here's the link again. If you could please share it, I'd be very thankful. My paltry little site gets a BIG jump in numbers – over 250 unique visitors. Probably a small number for you, but for a new blog like mine, it's a nice boost.

Thanks again,

Nick Piers

You're not gonna demand an apology first, are you?  

Bump in the Road, Part 4: Toronto Bound

Hey Scott,

The fourth part of BUMP IN THE ROAD just went up. Do please share it with the Doomers, as you have magnificently done in the past. I must take a moment to thank you, by the way. Every time you post the link, the views on my blog skyrocket. I get around 300+ views, which for me is fantastic. So thank you again for being shameless in helping to promote other people’s work.

Bump in the Road Pt. 3: No Other Way Out

Hi Scott,

Part Three of Bump in the Road is now up on my blog. This one doesn't exactly detail anything about wrestling school, but it is still strongly related with wrestling. Specifically, how WWF's No Way Out 2000 and Mick Foley's "last" match was that one last, stupid thing that broke me and drove me to suicide. Have a look.

Bump in the Road Part One

Hey Scott,

I've mentioned in the comments a few times that I've been to wrestling school, along with saying it was a long story. I've decided to finally start writing that long story. This is Part One of a multi-part article I'll be posting over the next few weeks (likely one part per week). This one is about my beginnings as a fan, including beating up stuffed animals in my basement and some idiotic backyard wrestling in my college days. Next part will be my first time attempting wrestling school back in 1999. Later, I'll go into detail about my time in a Toronto wrestling school about five or six years ago.


Nick Piers

You bet.  And my article "10 Problems Not Caused By the PG Era", as based on your original e-mail, will be up on WhatCulture tomorrow sometime.