Bully Ray returning to TNA

According to multiple reports and pwinsider.com, Bully Ray is set to return full time to TNA as early as tonights tapings.
If this is indeed true, was a full time return to WWE just wishful thinking on Team 3d part? Bully spent months heavily hyping a possible return on social media. Was it simply a tactic to get TNA to cave in to a full time contract? Is this a way for TNA to please Destination America in bringing back a major name? http://pwinsider.com/article/94677/big-tna-spoiler.html?p=1

​I think it was more Bully Ray campaigning for months to go back to WWE, and when they brought him in at Royal Rumble and had the idea that he was just the same guy as he was in 2001, it pretty much killed his desire.  Can't blame him, clearly there was no future in him as a nostalgia act for WWE and really he never should have left his cushy position in TNA in the first place.  I think it was really a huge wake-up call for the TNA guys as well, showing exactly what WWE thinks of them in general.  Which is to say, absolutely nothing.  Much like Sting, anything you do there might as well not exist.  ​

Bully in Charge?



Not sure if you saw this article but this is very interesting. I know you're not the biggest Mark Madden fan in the world, but he brings up some valid points about the direction of the promotion.

Also, if it's true about Velvet, that sucks for Sabin.

​Jesus, two posts about TNA in the same DAY?  This is like their MITB 11 in terms of blowing up the blog.  If they really do switch back to the six-sided ring they might crash Blogger.  
As for Bully, he clearly learned from the best.  ​

Bully Ray interview

Hey Scott, 

I mentioned in a thread or two that I had the chance to interview Bully Ray earlier this week. Was hoping you could post a link to the interview.
I wish I had a chance to get a little more “inside” with writing, but it needed to be done for a more mainstream, older audience (hence the curse of the newspaper medium). 
Thanks for the plug!

Fun with Bully Ray!

Bully Ray is in Boston!

First, he scared me into a cold sweat here:

Then my @Wrestling617 partner Jimmy Stewart insulted him to his face!

The interview mocked here:

Bully was actually really cool in person – and a freakin' beast.  This was a lot of fun.  Looking forward to Slammiversary Sunday.

Someone's gotta be, I guess.  

Bully Ray as leader of A&8’s

Hi Scott,

Discussion for the blog:

With the subtle hints that Bully Ray is just using Brooke to get to Hogan and then Hogan to get to the title, if he reveals that he's the mastermind behind A&8's  and that everything has been a big swerve just to get them control of the title, do you think that it would make all (or at least some) of the mediocrity worth it?  You could actually do some interesting things going forward, such as push Joseph Park to a more prominent position and really explore his moments of aggression.  His whole motivation would be that Bully Ray tricked him, which he doesn't like.  As simple as that seems, it fits perfectly with Parks' character (though I do fear that with the whole politicking thing, they're in danger of making him a caricature).  You'd obviously have some rematch stuff with Hardy, and then maybe Storm could get more involved in the title picture again.  I really think having Bully Ray be a strong heel champ till Bound for Glory is doable and make for "compelling television" (to borrow from JR).  And then of course who emerges at BfG to set things right?  AJ, who finally is allowed to have a title shot again.

And while some people might be thinking, "But what about all of the times Bully Ray got beat down, or when he beat other members down?"  In answer to that, I think the simple explanation of "taking one for the team" actually makes everything that much more devious.

I think you've pretty much got it nailed, actually.  Although I'm still 100% sure that Eric Bischoff is the secret leader of the group, not Bully Ray.  Bully would be the Hollywood Hogan type, I'd say, not the mystery masked man.  And Bully hasn't really suffered many beatings at the hands of the Aces, either.  Really, the problem isn't the angle itself, it's the drawn-out nature and the lack of viable payoffs because all they have is 3rd-string WWE castoffs to put under the masks.  If it was someone INTERESTING getting revealed, the angle would still have some juice.

Bully for you

Hey Scott, it’s me again and I’m here to ask for your help. After finding myself still stewing over the Vickie Guerrero fat jokes on RAW, I decided to write an email to as many of the groups involved in the "be a STAR" anti-bullying campaign as I could find. I’m hoping that anybody else who is sickened by WWE’s behavior might want to do the same and that if enough of us express our outrage over the blatant hypocrisy of the campaign, something will be done. If needed, I can supply a list of email addresses affiliated with the various organizations. Maybe it’s pointless, but at least I tried. I’d really appreciate it if you could run this on your blog sometime. Here’s my letter:
I am writing to bring to your attention the recent activities on WWE television in which a performer named Vickie Guerrero is constantly subjected to dehumanizing and degrading "jokes" about her weight. In reality, Mrs. Guerrero (the widow of former WWE performer Eddie Guerrero, who died at the age of 38 while on tour with WWE) has actually lost upwards of 50 pounds and presents a healthy body type, but since she does not fall within WWE’s narrow definition of what a woman should look like, she is the butt of demeaning and crude attempts at "humor" from other WWE performers who are supposed to be role models for the children who watch these programs. A quick search for "Vickie Guerrero fat jokes" on YouTube will provide all the evidence you need, and if possible, you should try to find clips from this past Monday night’s WWE RAW program, in which Mrs. Guerrero was again taunted regarding her weight by announcer Jerry Lawler. Ironically, this segment
aired prior to a video package promoting WWE’s involvement with the "Be A STAR" campaign.
The hypocrisy is astounding. Personally, I am disgusted and appalled that your groups would be associated with WWE on such a venture. I applaud you for your efforts in dealing with such a widespread and important issue, but if you are truly serious about the anti-bullying campaign, I urge you to look into this matter and re-evaluate your relationship with WWE. Millions of children view WWE programming and they are learning that it is acceptable to tease and bully a person due to their weight issues. That is completely wrong and runs counter to your admirable campaign.
If you need any more information regarding this issue, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your time and your prompt attention to this matter.

Apparently GLAAD is already giving WWE heat about this, as they should.  I totally agree that it’s hypocritical and disgusting for WWE to be preaching against bullying and then mocking and tormenting people like Vickie and Jim Ross.