Canadian Bulldog’s World plug request

Dear Scott Keith,

Canadian Bulldog here (don't pretend like you don't know who I am!!!). We were once Stampede North American tag team champions together – at least until that no good J.R. Foley sent his goons out to destroy us.

Anyways…. I have written about professional wrestling since 2002, but today for the first time I have created my own website at There is a "hype video" at – but essentially the site's mission statement is that Wrestling Should Be Fun!!! 

It's a mixture of squared circle memories and merchandise, and has been called "the best blog about wrestling ever! EVER!!!" by people such as Scott Kei….. er, I mean, various people.

If you could please direct people to Canadian Bulldog's World I would be eternally grateful. I'd even be able to forgive you for missing the hot tag in '84.

Canadian Bulldog

That was, at best, a lukewarm tag and I think you know it.  Besides, you were holding me back anyway.  

MOTD: Rock N Roll v. Bulldogs

Today in crazy matches I never knew happened… The Rock n Roll Express vs The British Bulldogs. With Pat O’Conner as referee, for some reason. And some of the worst announcing I’ve ever heard. But still, RnR vs the Bulldogs! I have this one on one of my endless RNR comps that I picked up in my tape trading days, and it kind of sucks.  But yeah, as historical curiosities go, holy shit. 

Great (?) Match of the Day: British Bulldogs v. Demolition

From Wrestlefest 88, one of those “lost” supercards that doesn’t really get much love in the DVD era either.  I wouldn’t really call it a “great” match as such, but I liked it well enough and this was the Demos at the height of their powers as heels, fo shizzle.  Feel free to keep sending interesting Youtube links, everyone.