Lack of Build Up


Can you remember a single Wrestlemania where the top three matches were built up so poorly.
All three top matches (Reigns/Lesnar, HHH/Sting & Undertaker.Wyatt) have the same problem.
1) 1 participant not appearing on tv regularly if at all.
2) No hatred or real rivalry between the participants
3) The fans don't care about the result.

With 1 week left to go. Is there any way to salvage this buildup?

Roman Reigns suddenly develops the power of time travel and thwarts the Kennedy assassination?  
I think Wrestlemania 13 might have been worse on top with non-drawing Sid defending against Undertaker in a foregone conclusion, but at least there was intrigue around the Bret Hart stuff there.  11 at least had a storyline behind the top two matches.  12 was pretty weak but clearly people were still invested in Shawn Michaels as a challenger.  
I do have to say that at least they're making an effort to sell Sting v. HHH as a big deal, even if the result 100% doesn't matter, so there's that. 

WM 27 HHH/Taker Build

Reading about all the simple, logical booking in NXT got me thinking — why did so many people dump on the HHH/Taker build to WM 27? They both came out, gestured at each other and the WM sign as if to say "We've both accomplished everything there is to accomplish in "THIS BUSINESS" except … I want to end the streak and you want to show that I can't do it."  Seems logical to me, and it actually made sense given each of their part-time status, no longer chasing titles, etc.

​I think mainly because it came from nowhere and because they had already spent months building up the "real" pairings for the show (HHH v. Sheamus and Undertaker v. Wade Barrett) before suddenly deciding to throw them away for that match.  Also, because it's emblematic of how fucking up their own ass the company is, where instead of real storylines we get guys fighting for their legacy and pointing at signs and shit.  ​

Best wrestlemania main event build

Scott, how would you rank the main events of wrestlemania as far as which had the best build, money drawn is not a factor, just from a storyline perspective, what was the best?

Well, which one are we still talking about 25 years later?  MEGAPOWERS EXPLODE, motherfuckers.  Everything about wrestling done exactly right at exactly the right time.  Except Savage was so ridiculously hot as a heel that they should have delayed the Hogan win until Summerslam, but that's picking nits as far as the storyline goes.  
Hogan-Andre was tremendous as well.  Last gasp of the giant and Hogan cementing himself as an all-time legend, blah blah blah.  
Flair-Savage "She was mine before she was yours" had me dying to order the show, so throw that one in there too.  
In short, they used to know how to promote shit.  And now, fuck them.  

Build up

Hey, quick question for the blog.  Whats the best ever wrestlemania buildup in your opinion?  In my short time as a wrestling fan my favorite was the 2nd HBK/UT match (WM 26) with Shawn basically going nuts until he gets his rematch.  I'm sure that there have been better though.  Interested in the blogs opinion.  Thanks