Rhodes Bros

Seriously, how do you explain what's happened to the Rhodes bros? Goldie came back and was looking better than ever, both bros were over, the tag division was picking up… and then all of a sudden they've got nothing going on and are a non-factor in the Mania battle royale. Is there some kind of explanation for this? I'd understand if it was some young buck that they thought maybe they were pushing too hard too soon and wanted to pull back the reins a bit but this is Goldust ffs. And Cody. So what gives? 

​I think it's basically just Vince had the idea to team them up and then do the split for Wrestlemania, but they got over too strong as a team and never set up the split and thus Vince lost interest in them like anything else that happens lower than the main event.  So really, you could make a case that Goldust fucked over his brother's career by getting over.  ​It's kind of a ridiculous situation because god knows they never should have dropped those belts in the first place, or at least should have been the ones to drop it to the Usos in something more meaningful than the bullshit match at the Rumble.