WWE’s use of Brock’s limited appearances

I'm baffled as to why WWE doesn't use Lesnar in a more balanced and spread-out manner. You have the guy for just thirty appearances on a several-million-dollar contract, so why not have him work more (if not all) PPVs and use the remaining dates on to hype his matches throughout the year. Right now, he comes in, stands there, does a match, disappears for five months, then comes in again, stands there, match, disappears for five months, repeat. 

At the very least, do more than three matches, even if they're squashes. It would still be a better use of his services. He's getting paid to literally stand there, while on other episodes they get really crazy and have him out for thirty seconds to throw a chair. 

I know the guy's shrewd with his business, but I doubt he'd be too troubled to leave the woods two or three days out of the month. 

I don't blame the guy at all, though. If a company wants to pay me several thousands of dollars just to get on a jet, go to an arena to stand around and let someone talk about how great I am, I'm gonna continue letting the company be that fcking stupid.

​I think that having him work PPVs would just devalue Brock and wouldn't help the PPV.  Brock's value is better off the way he is, but the problem is finding opponents that are worth putting in the ring with him to justify the dates.  ​

Fwd: Brock’s First Run

Do you Brock Lesnar's initial rise was well-executed, or should they have waited until Wrestlemania 19 for his first title win (after a dominant win in the Rumble?).  Having him crush Hulk Hogan, then beat Rock clean for the title at SummerSlam 2002 made him look strong right out of the gate, I just wonder if they maybe should have let Brock chase until Mania to get even more of a groundswell of support behind him.

Personally, I think they should have had the WWE Title on Hogan for his match against Kurt Angle.  That way Hulk could tap the belt away to Angle in clean fashion and they could spend the rest of the year building Angle as nearly unbeatable all the way to Wrestlemania.  They could have had Angle and Benoit trade the belt once along the way to really play up how hard it is to beat Kurt, then have him carry the title into Wrestlemania to job it to Lesnar.

No way, the way they did it was just fine.  You knew Rock was gonna put Brock over like gangbusters whereas Hulk is a wild card at the best of times.  If anything the mistake was taking the belt off him prematurely for the babyface turn against Big Show.  I think if anything they should have just let it ride with him as a world-crushing monster until the Angle feud, when they could have Kurt outsmart him to get the belt.  

Alternatively, they could have built him up as the monster threat against the Hardy Boyz, and then jobbed him to young prospect John Cena in his debut match.  Because that would be awesome. 

Because nobody is talking about Brock’s return…

I thought I would join in on the Brock Madness and wrote my synopsis for how I would like to see him booked this year.
From UFC to WWE: Booking Brock Lesnar
I hope you and the Blog enjoy it!

Chris Bragg
The Ultimate Fight Show

Thanks!  And what about that UFC Sweden show?  Thankfully here in Canada all the UFC stuff is on Sportsnet so we don't have to worry about no one getting Fuel and it was a pretty good free show even if I didn't know anyone on the card aside from the multiple people named Thiago who I always mix up.  If it was WWE one of them would have their name changed to "Garrison", I'll tell you that much.