According to sources, the plan is still for Brock to beat Cena, and lose to Reigns at WM.  Look into the crystal ball, am I the only one who sees a Triple H/Orton main event reaction?   The crowd sat silent for the Taker match until the streak ended.  The Summerslam match drew "boring" chants during the suplex barrage and Orton/Reigns was a snoozer.  Wouldn't the sensible thing be to put Cena over Brock and have Roman beat Cena clean?  That also frees Rusev from getting the Cena-crush treatment Bray Wyatt got and give someone else (Ambrose, Ryback) the rub of beating Rusev.
​I really liked Todd Martin's fantasy booking a couple of weeks ago, where he pitched Rock v. Reigns as the main event, so that Rock can work his magic with someone who you know he would put over huge.  Then you still do Rusev-Cena, but this time RUSEV CRUSH and that not only has the benefit of keeping him strong, but it gives Reigns a logical challenger down the road when Brock is gone and makes him look like the guy who could get the job done when Cena couldn't.  ​And then finally (even though there is literally zero chance of this at this point) you'd have Ambrose going over Brock, which I think could be gotten to by having Ambrose win the briefcase from Rollins at…ugh…Fast Lane and then show huge brass balls by challenging Brock at Wrestlemania as his cash-in.  So then Ambrose transitions the title to Rusev (because come on, you know it's gonna happen anyway) and he's champion until Summerslam, at which point Reigns should hopefully be over enough to get his big win. FOR MURICA. Badda bing badda boom.