BROCK Lesnar – The BEAST in the EAST: Live From Tokyo Thread

Thanks to the paradoxes of time travel, I’m in the past posting this to the future which is right now.

LIVE from Tokyo, on the AWARD WINNING WWE Network at 5:30 AM EST/4:30 CST/3:30 MST/2:30 PST.

The matches getting the hype include Brock Lesnar’s return to the ring against Kofi Kingston of The New Day, and NXT Champion Kevin Owens defending against #1 contender, Finn Balor.

Enjoy the show.

Austin Vs Brock

Alright Scott

Hope you and the family are doing well

So, talk seems to be that we're getting Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs Viking
Space Lord Lesnar at Mania

Am I the only one who thinks this is a bad idea?

I mean, what's Brock's best spot?

Ragdolling his opponent and giving them a first class ticket to Suplex

There's no way he'd be able to do that with Austin due to Austin's
fragility through years of injuries

Thusly, the match would likely be awful

I would much prefer Brock to work with someone else and Austin work with
one of the old guard like Triple H or Shawn Michaels. Basically, someone
older and smarter who could partake in a traditional match with him

If they can get Shawn out of retirement, I think him Vs Austin would be a
much better fit

I'd much rather see Brock in there with someone who can work his style of
match. I wouldn't mind seeing him and Reigns have another match after how
good it was less time

Sorry to harsh everyones buzz, but it's just how I see it

Take care and all the best

​We're not getting Austin v. Brock until Austin suddenly had a miracle surgery on his back and no longer makes millions of dollars from merchandise and his other projects.  Austin has been retired for over a decade now, so everyone needs to get over it and move on.  Not to mention that selling 100,000 tickets is going to need something more long-term and hotter than an appearance on a WWE Network special.  What that is, I dunno.  ​

Brock and Money in the Bank


What about Brock winning MITB? The idea of The Beast Incarnate spending a month or two stalking Rollins seems to good to pass up. Which, of course, means WWE will have Reigns win the briefcase. But seriously–Rollins could sell that kind of paranoia like no one else on the roster, and Brock cashing in could just loom over everything….

You, as always, are a huge slut, and your blog is my first stop every morning. Thank you.

Brock destroying Kofi and taking his place in the ladder match, then letting everyone kill themselves before storming out and F5'ing everyone in the match to claim the briefcase would be GENIUS.  Can you imagine how much the champion would be pissing himself knowing that Brock could literally come down to the ring and kill him any time he wanted?  That being said, two weeks of build for Brock would be silly, so it won't happen.  But that's not to say Brock won't just steal the briefcase from whoever and declare it his own property. 
The scenario floated by Dave and Bryan last night, which I also like, is Roman winning the briefcase (because, duh) and Ambrose winning the World title for realz in the main event, only to have bestest buddy Reigns go heel and beat the shit out of him to cash in.  That would rip the hearts of the crowd in the best way and probably get Roman over once and for all.  

Brock vs. Reigns: Bomb or Fizzle?

Hey Scott,

How badly do you feel WM fans will turn on the the Brock/Reigns match? Do you think if will be Brock/Goldberg writ large on the main stage or HHH/Orton, with fans filing out after the beginning staredown? I kinda have high hopes that somehow Pat comes in and turns this match into a surprise masterpeice somehow, but all things considered, I feel it'd be equally historic if the thing firebombs out of control.


​I think it'll fizzle.  They're gonna give HHH/Sting and Undertaker all the smoke and mirrors needed, and the IC title trainwreck is probably gonna open the show at ****1/2 or more, so it's likely that after four hours the crowd is going to be burned out and in no mood for Reigns, but not actively hostile.  ​HHH/Orton is a good comparison point, I think. 

The Brock Lesnar experiment

I know you haven't been watching weekly (much like myself) but where do you stand on the part time Champion? Has the experiment failed, or can it be considered in any way a success? Nothing seems to be improving the ratings but has it raised the prestige of the title? Or has it not being there harmed it? I suppose the other main question would be if it hasn't worked, could it have been done differently and it absolutely could have worked? Will the part time 'special attraction' champ be more common moving forward? Thanks Scott, loving your work. (Oh and Reigns/Lesnar could be the weirdest styles clash I've ever seen. The WWE must have faith they have a **** match in them… Right?)

​I think it was an interesting and worthwhile experiment, but we really need the World champion to at least defend that sucker every 30 days.  Yes, the TV title defenses and such were deflating the importance of the belt on a weekly basis, but taking to the extremes of having Brock be gone and not even MENTIONED for months at a time is just too much and leaves the product completely directionless.  Having someone holding it and only defending on PPV is the happy medium they should have gone with, but it would have made Brock too expensive to use.  
So I'd call it a good idea in theory, put much like communism or geometry, not all theories work out in real life.  ​

Brock Swerve

Hey Scott,

Is there any chance Brock and WWE have already come to terms on a new contract, and the "walk out" was just a work to make people even more unsure of the outcome of Mania (keeping in mind most assume Reigns is winning anyway, but you know, b/c WWE)? The fact that Brock was sitting ringside at UFC 184  may just be a happy coincidence.    

​Yeah, but nobody knew about the walkout and to date we still don't even know why he left or what happened.  All we know is some vague info about him getting into a fight over financial matters with Vince and then leaving.  Not to mention that if Vince gave a shit about what the internet thought, Daniel Bryan wouldn't be the 17th guy in a midcard Intercontinental title match at Wrestlemania.  
I think it's far more likely that Brock is playing some supreme contract hardball and either WWE or UFC is gonna pay a shitload of money because of it.  All Hail Brock.  ​

Another Brock Lesnar Update

The following was reported by Mike Johnson from

“WWE World Heavyweight
champion Brock Lesnar was backstage at Raw but was not used. Lesnar flew on his
private plane to Nashville for the taping earlier in the day on Monday.

According to those who saw him backstage yesterday, Lesnar was obviously
angry about something and one source claimed he walked out of the taping before
it ended.
 There are different stories making the rounds, but has been
told it was not something on the creative end that set Lesnar off, but something
regarding his business relationship with WWE. No one we spoke with was willing
to elaborate beyond that, but several made it clear it had nothing to do with
any planned booking.

Vince McMahon acknowledged the issue during a Smackdown production meeting
today, a source claimed, but did not elaborate on the issue. Lesnar has returned
home to Minnesota and is not backstage at Smackdown.
 Lesnar is not advertised to appear again for WWE until the 3/9 Raw taping in
Pittsburgh, PA, which gives WWE several weeks to work out whatever the issue is.

If and when we confirm additional details, we will update.”

What if Brock re-signs


Recent reports suggest WWE is optimistic about Brock signing an extension. JR commented on this as well speculating that future health concerns from UFC may be included in Lesnars thought process. If indeed that is the case then wouldn't Lesnar jobbing at mania be a colossal waste of $ unless they are planning a double turn. Is there money in Lesnar going over and Reigns learning from this and coming back stronger next year ala Shawn Michaels wrestlemania 11 & 12?

​I think that recent history has taught us that there is no money in Reigns and even less in Brock given his costs.  I would be gobsmacked if Brock ends up anywhere other than UFC. ​

Brock v. Cena

From the daily update:

Yeah NOC did terrible business, so I can't remotely understand why they are going to rerun it a bigger show? Have Lesnar fight anyone else. Shit I'd be more interested in seeing what kind of match he could have with big show over cena part 4 as a placeholder to mania.

Here's the deal with their thinking according to Meltzer:  Brock Lesnar costs them a bazillion dollars a match, so the only chance they have at recouping their costs in the deal is to put him in the ring with the biggest star they have available at the time (or on the outside have him completely destroy a minor star like Big Show) and at the moment that would only be John Cena.  They're not paying him all that money to make other guys into stars, because that's not their mindset.  If Rock was around, or Batista, for example, that would be justifiable.  Anyone under that level, to them, is just making Brock less special.
NOW, that being said, I think they're full of crap because the way that wrestling is supposed to work is that the bigger stars use their star power to make the smaller stars into bigger ones.  But when you're booking for investors and using soap opera writers, obviously that mindset kind of gets lost in the shuffle.  

    Why doesn’t WWE Network = No Brock?

    Hey Scott,

    Since WWE has killed their PPV market, what's the point of having Brock on the roster? I was always under the impression that they kept him under K to spike the Big 4 but since that's moot, why keep him? He doesn't sell T-Shirts. Does the needle move that much for his appearances? Do people re-up just to see him?

    Another fine question, although we're kind of in the Wild West with the Network so it's hard to tell what's actually affecting buyrates at this point.  Indications are that Summerslam did…good?  Maybe?  It's a weird world we live in now where we can't just pull up numbers and argue over them.  That being said, we'll know for sure on October 30, because if that number is below 1,000,000, then they are absolutely flushing millions of dollars down the toilet with Brock's contract and it's a waste of time to keep him around for that price.  But like everyone else, Brock's kind of been flattened out by shitty writing and just becoming another guy lately (especially the DQ finish at Night of Champions) and hopefully this latest six month vacation can make him interesting again when he returns to face…John Cena again.  Well, fuck.   



    How completely stupid would it be to have Lesnar lose at Night of Champions? Would you rank it higher than their stupid decision to have him lose his first match back against Cena? Or would this be even worse?

    I would call it a strange decision, but I can at least understand the mindset if they do.  Pop a big Network number and then go back to the touring champ model.  Plus Brick is already damaged goods now to a degree, so it's less of a big deal.  

    August Classics: CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar – SummerSlam 2013

    OK, so it happened a year ago, therefore it’s not a “classic” by the common definition. However, this is a ***** match that will easily be considered one of the best SummerSlam matches ever. The Best vs. The Beast. Due to health and behind the scenes drama, this may possibly be Punk’s last great match.

    CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar – SummerSlam 2013 by AndresGuilherme

    Monday Night Raw More “REAL” with Brock

    Hey Scott,

    Long time reader, first time emailer…..

    In Andy's latest Raw Review, another poster made a comment about how different the shows feel when Brock Lesnar shows up.  Rather than the "Raw Variety Show" it actually feels like a real wrestling program (at least at the top of the card).  I argued the way Brock comes off, he makes you believe he's going to whip somebody's ass, he has a real cockiness about him and the ability to back it up.  Is this something that's unique to only him, or is it an approach that the WWE should try to have throughout the rest of the card?  (Not saying the ENTIRE show should be like this/him, but more of it should).  Thanks!

    ​There is truly only one Brock Lesnar, which is as it should be.  It makes Brock all the more effective when he's out there doing his super-intense 300-pound gorilla act amidst all the wannabe comedians and midcard geeks, because it's DIFFERENT.  Just like Brock was the pro wrestler among super-serious UFC fighters and that turned him into a star, now he's the super-serious UFC fighter among pro wrestlers.  You can't script someone stranger than Brock and his reclusive lifestyle, so even trying to do so would be a waste of time.  ​