So…best unscripted Brock-lib to date?

A) Brock hates Cena's cap, kicks Cena's cap like Gene Snitsky kicks babies.
B) Brock throws an entire sofa at the Miz for having the gall to wear Brock's WWE Championship 4 years earlier.
C) Brock spits at Stephanie McMahon to punctuate an F5 on a cameraman, because gobs of spit are like periods on Brock Lesnar statements.
D) Brock breaks three of Jamie Noble's ribs in an effort to blow off steam, knowing that he will momentarily have sell for the likes of Seth Rollins and Kane.
E) other?

​Come on man, Brock kicking the cap was an all-timer, symbolic of the feelings of everyone who had to suffer through Cena that year.  Brock was kicking that stupid fucking hat for ALL OF US.​